2021 Sunvite

2021 — Virtual, FL/US
Note I'm committed to making this tournament as great as possible so if there is a best practice that you'd like us to incorporate please don't hesitate to reach out!!

11.19 Update 

Independent entries adult contacts will be the ONLY person that we will communicate with, now, during and after the tournament. 

Hired Judges: if you intend to hire out a portion of your commitment you MUST request this by the end of December. Lack of coverage does not indicate an acceptance of hiring (it's why it looks more expensive)You may not hire out your WHOLE commitment. I also encourage you to look at the debate entourage rule. IF a team is found violating this rule they'll be removed from the tournament. 

Payment Information: All schools must have a zero balance by 1/8/2021 or discussion of the payment being en route.

Two ways to pay 

1) Checks should be made out to NSU University School - Speech and Debate and mail Checks to:

Aly Fiebrantz 

Director of Forensics

NSU University School

AutoNation Center for the Arts

3375 SW 75 Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314-1400


2) Pay online here: https://secure.touchnet.net/C21175_ustores/web/store_cat.jsp?STOREID=6&CATID=1273



Tentative Schedules uploaded. 

We will have a "Cafeteria" Zoom call for students to socialize during breaks, there will be breakout rooms w/ games and prizes! 

We are a TOC bid tournament. We are a Finals LD Bid, Octos PF Bid, Speech Bid, and a Tier 3 Congress Bid. We are also a NIETOC bid tournament. 

Make sure you read our debate entourage rule. 


Looking to hire judges. If you're interested fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehAiJP1xrMlCy9naFTPp8IvN2rFzoZVKTVMuPeNe4afXQIbg/viewform?usp=sf_link

 Independent entries have until 11/30 to provide proper documentation that they have permission from their school to compete. 


Please see page on the side regarding "independent entries" 

Image Release forms will be required for all entries

No School form is required HOWEVER if asked, a school must provide proof they have permission from their institution to compete. 

Invitation posted 

Tournament Caps: 

VPF 180 (break all winning records) 

VLD 180 (break all winning records) 

Speech Events: 145 (break to 1/3 of the pool)

10.12 Update - Registration is Open

Platform: Classrooms.Cloud

Elims will be livestreamed

Debate is single flighted//Speech is Synchronous EXCEPT Duo. Speech patterns will stay to allow Double/Triple Entry 

3 day tournament for Debate (Friday to Sunday), 2 day tournament for Speech/Congress

All events will be waitlisted. On 11/1 I will begin to release the waitlist. I will prioritize 1) schools that have attended Sunvite in previous years, 2) Regional diversity 3) Date of Sign Up (note I care little if it's a TBA or real name, you just become responsible for it!) 

We have decreased all fees by 20%, if you have a financial need beyond that decrease please email me! 

Trophies will be the same as last year (yes we will ship skimboards, and mini skimboards) 

åNovice Policy will be the NDCA Packet 

Novice/JV PF and Novice LD are being offered. Please reach out if you'd like novice or JV divisions in speech! 

Middle schools are allowed to compete. 

Expect an image release form in the near future for all entries. 

Expect a full invite by 11/1