JW Patterson Debates at Kentucky

2020 — Lexington, KY/US


All rounds of the tournament are open for viewing by registered participants. The University of Kentucky, and/or its agents, may record the tournament for internal, administrative use. The University of Kentucky will not publish, distribute or retain the recordings, except as needed for tournament administration or as required by applicable law. 


Consistent with national speech and debate standards, any participants or other individuals that wish to record any portion of the tournament should obtain the prior consent of all individuals identifiable in the recording(s).  Use of such recordings should be limited to private educational purposes.  Recordings should not be published, reproduced or shared with those not participating in the tournament, or uploaded to other online environments, without the prior consent of all individuals identifiable in the recordings. 


Coaches and program directors are encouraged to discuss this audio and video recording policy with their participants prior to the tournament, and are expected to take any reasonable and necessary actions to ensure compliance by participants who are affiliated with their respective schools.