Valley IntraSquad Online

2020 — West Des Moines, IA/US

Intrasquad Updated Details

Thanks to our colleagues from Lexington HS for joining us for some policy rounds!




Schedules and results will be on Tabroom:




The event will be hosted on Discord. We have changed the discord account so make sure you sign in to this NEW discord! 




SCHEDULE - LD (single flights)

We will try to blast pairings 1/2 hour before rounds

Round 1 Friday, 3:00 pm

Round 2 Friday, 4:45 pm

Round 3 Friday, 6:30 pm


Round 4 Saturday, 10:00 am

Round 5 Saturday, 11:45 am

Semifinals Saturday, 1:30 pm

Finals Saturday, 3:15 pm




Round 1 Friday, 3:00 pm

Round 2 Friday, 5:30 pm


Round 3 Saturday, 10:00 am

Round 4 Saturday, 12:30 pm




LD will be 5 prelims; 2 presets and 3 Hi-Lo debates. Top four advance to semifinals.


Policy will be a modified round robin. In rounds 1-3 each team will debate each other team. Round 4 will be Hi-Lo. Teams will hit each other for a second time in Round 4 but will be on opposite sides.



Tips for Online Debating


Connect to your router via ethernet IF POSSIBLE.


If you cannot connect via ethernet, move your computer as close to the router as possible.


Ask others in your household to refrain from internet use as much as possible during the competition.


Use an external microphone rather than your computer’s built-in mic. External mics have better sound and are less glitchy.


Before the round starts, judges should test their audio and each student’s audio.


Judges should feel free to interrupt and trouble-shoot to deal with tech problems (ie glitchy audio or dropped connections.) Judges will manage time and the flow as fairly as possible. 


If online audio is failing, consider using cell phones for audio by creating a 3-way call (or 5-way call) with contestants and judge. 


ULTIMATELY, if your tech fails completely — ie if you are using your computer’s built in mic and you simply cannot be heard — the responsibility is on you. If a judge cannot flow you, they will not be able to weigh your arguments. 


THEREFORE it is a good idea to SLOW DOWN and concentrate on ENUNCIATION throughout the debate. Going fast doesn’t matter if you can’t be heard and understood.





There will be an award for the top finisher in policy debate and for the finalists in LD debate.