Fremont Debate Academy May MS Invitational

2020 — US

Welcome! Here is some more information about rules, a form for equity complaints, and the schedule. Check our 'Room Video Call Links' and 'Live Blog Updates' for more!

Tournament Etiquette Tidbits:

  • All debaters and the judge should mute themselves while not talking

  • Heckles will NOT be allowed at this tournament to guarantee that all arguments can be heard. 

  • POIs will be allowed. When the speaker wishes to POI, they will unmute themselves and ask the question.

  • All cameras must always be on. 

  • There won’t be prep time, but members can discuss with each other before the round officially begins. All teams can use any printed or written plans. 

  • To discuss with teammates during the round, use a group chat platform of your choice. 

  • No one is allowed to screenshot or record any debates - if we find you doing so, you will be disqualified (No exceptions!) 

  • Please leave your video call as soon as the round is over and feedback is given.

  • Spectators are only allowed if all students are fine with it. Please bring it up in the beginning of the round if you are not comfortable with a spectator present.


Equity Complaint Form:

If you have any issues, please let us know here


Help line: 

  1. Click this link if you have any issues/questions:

  2. Competitor Helpline

  3. Judge Helpline
  4. If your respective helpline doesn’t work, call this phone number: (408)-360-7446 (Drishti Gupta, Horner Lead); or (512)-905-6745 (Cindy Yu, Horner Lead)

  5. Only call those phone numbers if absolutely necessary.



8:00-8:30AM Check In 

8:40AM-9:15AM Announcements

9:30AM  Round 1 Pairings 

9:30AM-10:30AM Round 1

10:40 AM Round 2 Pairings

10:40AM-11:40AM Round 2

11:40AM-12:20PM Lunch

12:30PM Round 3 Pairings

12:30PM-1:30PM Round 3

1:45PM-2:15PM Awards 

2:30PM Semi Finals Pairings

2:30PM-3:30PM Semi Finals

3:45PM Finals Pairings

3:45-4:45PM Finals