Har Ber High School Speaker Series

2021 — Springdale, AR/US

Extemp Draw Room: https://sdale.zoom.us/j/91436506664

Extemp Prep Room https://arkansasteachercorps-org.zoom.us/j/97867698539


 Live stream Links 

Informative Finals Live STream: https://youtu.be/U_xkx6XhfG4

DI Finals Live Stream https://youtu.be/M8NRnoJHBfs


OO Section 1: https://youtu.be/7XQWxmsppyE

Duo Finals: https://youtu.be/xGGi9A1EbIg


 February 19-20, 2021
Held online via Tabroom.com and NSDA Campus

We are happy to be a UKTOC qualifier for a second year and for our 5th birthday we are also going to be a qualifier for NIETOC as well (All IE's will be a UKTOC and a NIETOC qualifier.  Congressional Debaters in the top 6 will be a UKTOC qualifier.)

New Update 2/3/2021- I have tried all the tricks I know but Oral Interpretation will be a live event.  I will be updating the schedule accordingly.  Any students who were in debate events will need to be removed.  

Har-Ber High School is proud to invite you to the fifth annual Har-Ber Speaker Series on February 19-20, 2021. At this tournament we will be offering Congressional Debate, BQ, LD, Public Forum, and IPDA Debate as well as the full compliment of individual events which will include Oral Interpretation. I Individual Event semis and finals will be held SYNCHRONOUSLY with competitors using the NSDA Campus rooms to compete in their rounds. Extemp and Impromptu will be all live.  Duo Interp entries can be recorded using either split screen or in the same room.  All Debate events will be live.

Recordings are due on Monday February 15, 2021.  

There will be 4 prelim rounds of both Individual Events and Debate.

Debaters can enter all individual events except for Extemp and Impromptu.  (PF and LD will be held on Saturday only.  WSD, BQ, and IPDA will begin on Friday)


If you have questions please email HarBerspeakerseries@gmail.com .

We look forward to seeing you live in February.



Prelim Recordings: 

Prelim Recordings will be due by Monday, February 15, 2021 at 5:30 PM.  This will be a hard deadline as we will begin opening prelim judging rounds on Tuesday morning 2/16/20.

 Duo Interp

Guidelines for Duo Interp will be as follows. Students will not be required to perform split screen.  If students choose to pre-record split screen and compete as such during live, they will be judged accordingly based on the merits of their performance.  As such, we do however ask they schools practice safety standards in regards to regulation with students who choose to perform in the same space.

 Judges Training

We will strive for each judge to be highly qualified in the tournament.  In such if a judge is not a coach.  We ask that they complete the judges training per the instructions listed on the main page.  Once you have completed please email the appropriate certificate to HarBerspeakerseries@gmail.com.  This training also includes diversity and inclusion training.  Any judge who is not a coach that is listed will not be allowed to judge.