Spring Online Classic

2020 — Online, US

 Welcome to the Spring Online Classic! 


TEXT HELPLINE: (408) 547-4132. 

The due dates for all entries has now passed. New entries will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please email springonlineclassic@gmail.com if you would like to compete. 

The tournament is on the 18th. Extemp and Impromptu will have finals on 4/19 at 9AM PDT.

Please read the Competitor's Guide if you are competing. Judge guides were emailed out a few days ago; email us if you did not receive it. 

Find all information in the Tournament Invitation to the right. Information about judge training is also located there.


Tournament Information

Events offered: DI, Expos, HI, Impromptu, Extemp, OI, OO. Due to popular demand, we now offer SPAR. 

Schedule (Times in PDT)

Round 1 begins: 9AM
Round 2 begins: 11AM
Round 3 begins: 1:30PM
Finals/Semifinals begin: 4PM
Finals (EXT and IMP): 9AM Sunday

Awards: Certificates, NSDA points

Contact springonlineclassic@gmail.com with questions.