2020 — Online, CA/US

Hi everyone,


In light of recent tournament cancellations, Athens Debate & Telegraph Debate will be hosting a series of online debate tournaments. This online debate tournament is open to all middle school students.  Our goal is to provide a meaningful speech and debate experience that is accessible and educational for all students. Registration is now open / will open by tonight (March 10th). We hope that teams from across the region will participate. If interest in this tournament is lacking, we will notify participants quickly. Please add your team’s registration as soon as possible. 


Who: All middle school speech and debate students

When: Saturday, April 4th (Debate Only & Sunday, April 5th (Speech Only)

Where: Online. Details to be provided. 

Register: On (

Topics: Lincoln Douglas: March/April (predictive policing); Public Forum: March topic

Entry caps: Not applicable

Judges: 1 judge per 4 debate entries; 1 judge per 6 speech entries

Debate events: Lincoln Douglas; Public Forum

Speech events: Impromptu; Humorous Interp; Dramatic Interp; Declamation / Oratorical Interp; Original Oratory; Informative 

Rounds: 5 prelim rounds in debate + Elims; 3 prelims in Speech + elims

Fees: TBD (but something around $30 to 50 per entry) - the goal is to just cover cost, not profit. 


Additional details will be added shortly. Please stay tuned. 


Thank you,

Sachin Jain (Athens Debate)

Natalie Yehezkel-Stolarski (Telegraph Debate)