2020 — Online, US

This will be an ONLINE tournament (using Zoom), and no entry fees will be charged.

Schools are expected to provide a full time judge for every two entries, but if schools need to hire judges through the tournament, please contact us. We will charge enough for judging to assure we have sufficient judging both days.

Updated Schedule (CST) 

Zoom room link information will be shared with everyone in a later update. The schedule update is intended to minimize somewhat the pain for our PST friends without keeping our EST friends up too late. 

Saturday, June 6th (prelim day)

9:00am                 Registration opens (we recommend that each squad ask their people to gather in their own digital space and notify the tournament ASAP if anyone cannot be found)

10:00am                 Round 1 preset (we will seek to blast each pairing at least 30 minute before start - report to your Zoom room ASAP, before prepping)

11:30am                 Round 2 preset

12:30pm               Lunch Break

1:30pm                 Round 3

3:15pm                 Round 4

5:00pm                 Round 5

6:45pm                 Round 6


Sunday, June 7th (elim day)


10:00am                 Elim 1

11:00am                Awards/Lunch Break

12:15pm               Elim 2

2:30pm                 Elim 3

4:30pm                 Elim 4

6:30pm                 Elim 5

8:30pm                 Elim 6 (etc)

Although divisions will collapse, we will have people hit others eligible for the same break out where possible in pre-sets and may take this into consideration in power matching. 

We plan to clear all entries with a 4-2 record, and then sort out break-out elims from the remainder before determining which 3-3's should clear to create a balanced double elim bracket in open. There will be only one final round (a team reaching finals without a loss would finish 2nd if they lost). We expect one breakout elim at most in JV/Nov, and an even number in open partials (12 most likely, but we will finalize this after prelims).