Design Tech Parli Invitational

2020 — Redwood City, CA/US

Dear debate community,

Welcome to the first annual Design Tech Parli Invitational! The tournament will be held on April 26th, at Design Tech High School in Redwood City. Please do not go to the old campus in Millbrae 


General Information:

1. Tournament announcement doc:  and campus map -->

2. All students must submit a signed liability form (link right here) before 11:59 PM on April 18th. If any students don’t have it signed by that due date, we will charge a $20 fine for each student and push back the deadline to April 22nd. 

3. If there are any questions or complications, please contact Amaryllis Gao at

4. The dress code for this tournament will be casual.   

5. The Topic Committee will be Bear Saulet, Riley Shahar, and Alan Fishman.



1. School: Design Tech High School (275 Oracle Pkwy, Redwood City, CA 94065)

2. Judge Room: Staff Lounge (Room 121)

3. Tabroom/Registration: Staff Lounge (Room 121)

4. Prep room: There is no prep room, feel free to choose a location anywhere in the school hallways. We will announce everything in the tournament doc and over the loudspeaker.



1. We allow middle school, independent and hybrid entries.



1. Fees themselves:

a. $40.00 for each Junior Varsity/Novice entry

b. $50.00 for each Varsity/Open entry 

c. $125.00 for each uncovered entry’s judge requirement after the deadline

d. $20.00 nuisance fee for registration changes after the deadline

e. $40.00 fee for every round with a missing judge

2. Payment

a. We accept cash and checks (both school and personal)

i. We highly recommend cash 

b. Please make checks payable to “Amaryllis Gao” when turning the check into registration

i. Put your school name in the memo



1. Varsity judges: Must have debated or coached at the varsity level of a debate format to qualify and be a high school graduate. For all other requests, please

contact the tournament.

2. JV judges: Experienced varsity debaters can judge in the novice pool. 

3. A judge will suffice for up to 2 entries.

4. The judge must have a tabroom account to submit online ballots (there will be no paper ballots).

5. Judge training will be offered in the judging room before the tournament commences.



1. Prep: The prep time for the tournament will be 20 minutes long, with a forfeit time of 5 minutes after prep ends. There is no coach or team prep--we only allow partner and internet prep.

a. Blank paper, writing material, and electronics are allowed during prep time. 

b. Debaters may not use notes written before the designated prep time.

c. Anyone who violates the prep rules will FORFEIT the round. 

2. Competitors must be present in room 25 minutes after the topic has been announced. The FORFEIT TIME will be 5 minutes after prep has ended.

a. Speech times will be executed in the following structure: 7-8-8-8-4-5 (all in minutes)

b. NO new arguments may be made in the rebuttal speeches (LOR/1NR & PMR/1AR). 

c. Time stops for POOs but not for POIs. POOs may only be made in the rebuttal speeches while POIs may only be made in the

constructive speeches. There is no "Protected Time" in any speeches.



7:30-8:00 AM: School Registration + Fees

8:00 AM: Judges Training 

8:30 AM: Round 1 Topic Announce

10:00 AM: Round 2 Topic Announce

11:30 AM: Lunch

12:30 PM: Round 3 Topic Announce

2:00 PM: Round 4 Topic Announce

3:30 PM: Round 5 Topic Announce

5:00 PM: Awards (Main Atrium)

5:30 PM: Semifinals 

7:00 PM: Finals 



As a small school ourselves, we understand how hard accessibility is for these kinds of tournaments. If there are judge hiring difficulties or anything else, please reach out to us at