CBSR Debate Championship

2020 — Rancho Cucamonga, CA/US

Greetings CBSR coaches.

You may now sign up for the CBSR Debate Championship. Which will be held at Los Osos High School on Saturday February 29th. Each school may enter up to 8 entries in each event.  Each school must bring 1 qualified judge for every 2 entries or fraction thereof. Register judges in tabroom.

No later than Thursday, February 27th you must email a seeded list your entries to the first round of the tournament will protect the top half of each team's entry.  For the first round only the protected teams will hit unprotected teams. All subsequent round are power matched.

LD will be debating the March/April topic-  Resolved: Predictive policing in unjust. 

Public Forum will be debating the February topic- Resolved: The United States should replace means-tested welfare programs with a universal basic income.

This tournament starts earlier than our usual league tournaments. 

Registration starts at 7:00am!

Judging instructions at 7:45

Round 1 starts at 8:00

We will have 4 or 5 rounds (depending on entry numbers) followed by 3 double-elimination break rounds. 

CBSR will qualify 4 in LD, 4 teams in Policy, 5 teams in PuFo, and 6 teams in Parli.