GGSA DebateCongress 3

2020 — Novato, CA/US



GGSA Teams have voted that the Senate will debate:

Session 1: Res. 2 Involuntary Servitude

Session 2: Bill 3 Aid to Kashmir

        Session 3: Res. 5 National Service

 GGSA Congress 3 Legislation -- Jan. 25, 2020


The third GGSA Congress, PF & Policy Debate Tournament of the year, San Marin HS on Saturday, January 25, 2020. San Marin HS is located HERE


Entries are due by 5:00 PM on Friday the 17th of January. Drops made by Wednesday the 22nd at 5:00 PM will not have to pay the entry fee. After that point they will pay the full entry fee.


You must check in between 8:00 and 8:30 AM to register your team on the morning of the tournament. The best way to do this is with the "on site" check in function on Congress fees are $10.00 per student, Debate fees are  $20.00 per team; checks should be made out to GGSA and given to the Treasurer the morning of the tournament.


The tournament will provide complimentary lunch and snacks for coaches and judges and for the students at a reasonable cost.


If you have not already completed and turned in your school's waiver form, you must do so in order to compete. The form can be downloaded from the navigation bar on the right.


*All judges must be entered on Tabroom.

*All judges must have Tabroom accounts with cell phone numbers and email addresses.

*When you enter your judges, be sure that you do so using the same email address that they use for their Tabroom account. 

*Make sure that all judges know the email address and password for their Tabroom account. This is sometimes a problem when coaches or students create a Tabroom account for a parent judge.

*Please instruct all judges to bring a fully charged device to use to complete their ballots. They can bring a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The first two are better because they are easier to use, but it is still possible to use a smart phone.

*Judges who want to get more information about the events and judging in general can watch CHSSA judging videos here:   and by reviewing the event information and overview PDF located on the main page.  Printed copies will be available Saturday morning.

*A helpful video on using Tabroom to judge is located here.


Please see the details on the page linked in the righthand navigation bar.


Legislation: House will debate all 5 bills/resolutions in the order they appear. If the house finishes all 5 bills they may reopen them. Senate will debate 3 of the 5 decided by school vote. Legislation is posted on this website.

Coaching requirement: In order to make this tournament work we will need ALL COACHES WILL HELP ADMINISTER THE TOURNAMENT. All chambers will close no later than 3:00 pm sharp. 

Judging requirements: One judge for every 15 entries in House; one judge for every 5 entries in Senate. Judges will be pre-paneled. Extra judges or judges not entered in advance will be placed in a “reserve pool.” Judges should strike their child if he or she is competing.

Presiding officer requirements: Each school must provide one presiding officer for each 10 students—submit names of all PO’s in entry. There will be a mandatory meeting for PO’s at 8:30 am. Presiding officers for the senate will be chosen based on both experience and an effort to balance schools.

House or Senate? Remember that students who qualified to the Senate in the past will remain in the Senate this year. Varsity debaters should also be entered in the Senate. House should be reserved for novices and less experienced competitors. Students who qualified to the Senate as a speaker may not remain in the House as a presiding officer.