The NJDDT at the University of Houston

2020 — Houston, TX/US

Friends, Colleagues, and Comrades:

The University of Houston is glad to invite you to attend the 2020 National Junior Division Debate Tournament which is to be held from Saturday February 29th, 2020 through Monday March 2nd, 2020. This tournament will offer two championship fields, one for Novice eligible debaters and one for Junior Varsity eligible debaters. The Novice Division will only be open to debaters in their first year of debate or those who have received a CEDA novice eligibility waiver, the Junior Varsity division will be open to all debaters who are in their first two years of collegiate debate, regardless of competitive success, or debaters who started as college novices who are in their first three years of debate. (That is, in theory every debater is guaranteed to have two years of eligibility in the JV division.)

We will follow a six-round prelim format, but plan to have a relaxed schedule with three prelim rounds on Saturday and three prelim rounds on Sunday followed by the first elimination round. The topic will be the CEDA 2020 space topic. A full schedule, and other information, can be found in the attached invitation.

If you have any questions please reach out to us, and we look forward to hosting you in the wonderful city of Houston, Texas.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Richard Garner
Director, Speech & Debate
University of Houston

Rob Glass
Tournament Director
University of Houston