Piper High School Forensics Invitational

2020 — Kansas City, KS/US

The Piper High School Forensics Squad would like to invite you and your Forensics students to the Piper Invitational Forensics Tournament on Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11, 2020.  


This year, we are opening up all three of the buildings on our campus to host.  This means that we should be able to offer each school an unlimited amount of entries.  We will need assistance with judges for larger entries. You will be expected to bring 1 judge per six entries over 36.  Please round appropriately. If we are not the size we anticipate being, the tournament will contact you directly to cancel this obligation.  Please enter your judges through Tabroom.


On Friday, we will offer Public Forum Debate and Lincoln Douglas Debate

On Saturday, we will have the following events: Domestic Extemp, Foreign Extemp, Original Oration, Informative (7 minute), Informative (10 minute), Serious Solo Acting/Dramatic Interp (they will be combined), Humorous Solo Acting/Humorous Interp (they will be combined), Prose, Poetry, POI, Duet Acting, Duo Interp, Impromptu, Improvised Duet Acting.  


The time limits for each event will follow the KSHSAA standards in all applicable events.  We will not intervene for judges who wish to keep their own time, as we will not be able to provide time keepers for every room.


Each event will medal the top six performers (with the option of breaking seven in the event of a tie).  Awards for first, second, and third place sweepstakes will be awarded. Each student may enter two events (limit one draw event).  Sweeps will be computed based on your 16 best entries


Entry fees will be $4.00 per person per entry; duet acting, duo, and IDA will be $8.00 per team.