Great Midwestern Novice and JV Debate Championship

2020 — Cedar Rapids, IA/US



Dear Colleagues:

As the end of the season approaches, there are numerous opportunities for varsity debaters to continue debating; it is our hope that we can provide one more valuable opportunity for novice and JV debaters this year.

The Great Midwestern Novice and JV Debate Championships will be held at Cedar Rapids Washington High School on March 27-29.  We will offer the following events:

  • First Year Public Forum Debate
  • Second Year Public Forum Debate
  • First Year Policy Debate
  • Second Year Policy Debate
  • First Year Lincoln Douglas Debate

This year’s schedule includes six rounds of debate, breaking to quarterfinals in each division (though we reserve the right to change what we break to depending on entries). 

We will do our best to allow everyone who wants to to attend, but get your entry in early as we have limited space. We ask that you read through the information on this site carefully as it contains important details about eligibility requirements, topics, judging requirements, fees, lodging, etc.  Please direct any questions to Warren Sprouse at

We hope you will join us!     

Warren Sprouse - Director of Debate - Washington High School