Northeast Regional Championship and D8 Qualifier aka Gotham in

2020 — NEW YORK, NY/US

Welcome to the 2019 Northeast Regional Championships and District 8 Qualifier hosted by The New School.



We will use the 2019-2020 CEDA Resolution (Space!) as the initiating point for debates. 

The tournament will host Novice and JV divisions in the Northeast Regional Championship with 6 preliminary rounds and appropriate elims.  Should novice reach 34 teams or more, the division will have 5 prelims and a partial double instead. 

The D8 Qualifier for the NDT will include 6 rounds and run-offs unless there are 16 or more entries in the division, which will then move to an 8 round tournament for all. 

The D8 meeting will occur after dinner on Saturday evening during Nov/JV Round 5. This will limit the number of round-off requests we will be able to accommodate in tab. 

The Northeast Regional Meeting will occur during the elim after awards on Sunday afternoon.  

The tournament will abide by CEDA Sexual Harassment and Discrimination policies and as appropriate NDT procedures in the District tournament. 


REGISTRATION: $55/person (judge/debater)

We will  again accept credit cards at the tournament.


DISTRICTS FEE IS $113 per TEAM.  This can be paid Cash to the District, Check to Kathryn Rubino, OR via credit card and included in your receipt from New School.



For Novice and JV, one judge is required for every 2 teams.  In the D8 Qualifier, 1 judge is needed per team unless updated by the Subcommittee. 

Judges looking to be hired for the Regional Judge pool should add their names through the HIRED JUDGE EXCHANGE in Tabroom. There is an "approval" step because area high school students who have never judged a policy round do not have the critical reading portable skill and often add themselves to the tournament exchange until they are explicitly told they are not eligible for the pool.  You can hear the sigh in my voice just reading this, right?

Teams requiring judging should hire from the HIRED JUDGE EXCHANGE. Please confirm if your hiring is PER ROUND or per HALF or WHOLE commitment.  All judges are assumed to be judging and obligated for the first Elim - please incorporate this into your negotiations 

Tournament Hotel Block:

Once again, we have a block of 30 rooms at the Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave - Chelsea (125 W. 26th Street New York, NY 10001).  The rate is $139 for Double Doubles and is in walking distance of the tournament (about 10 blocks). There are some rooms also for Thursday and Sunday nights should your travel plans require them.

Please use the Hotel Reservation Link to make reservations by FRIDAY, FEB 8th, 2020

If you need to paste in the browser directly -

Any guests that need to call in directly should call the reservations line at (866) 380-6893 and reference group booking code TGD.

NOTE:  Cancellations are automatically in the system with a 72 hour requirement.  If you need to amend this reservation after that (such as cancel 1 room or so), please call them directly at 212-430-8500 and speak to Jessica Paz <>  or Jasmine Bautista <> . 


We also encourage you to find other area hotels that suit your needs - there are several withing a few blocks of this hotel in Manhattan, OR you can stay in Brooklyn or NJ have have a fairly quick commute. 


Once again, we will move buildings 2 blocks away between Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, EVERYTHING will be in 6 East 16th Street, the Vera List Center, which is between 5th Ave and Union Square. Coming down 5th Ave, turn left on 16th Street, first building on Right. Building opens at 7AM. Room 1009 will have Breakfast shortly after 7AM, lunch, and dinner that day.

On Sunday, EVERYTHING will be in 63 5th Ave, the University Center, near the corner of 13th street. If you keep going down 5th Ave it will be the building on the left after 14th Street, but only the entrance near 13th is accessible. Breakfast, shortly after 7AM, will be in the Event Cafe on the ground floor (L level).



Please also do not leave minor children unattended in the Library at the end of the day.


Also, TNS has many Gender Neutral bathrooms as a default, including both buildings above. Please inform your students. If they are looking for a gender specific bathroom we can direct them to the appropriate floor (alternating in 16th Street, 2nd-4th-6th floors in Univ Center).

WIFI: Sign in to the New School Guest network. You can preregister for network access now, as it lasts 7 days.


FOOD: All participants will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Please note all dietary needs in TABROOM so that we may do our best to accommodate. As per tradition, we will serve:

Breakfast:  Bagel assortment, including gluten free bagels and dairy and non dairy spread options; coffee; juice

Lunch: Day 1 - Halal (chicken, lamb, or falafel over rice - no, falafel made correctly does not have gluten or nuts); Day 2 - NY Style Pizza and Kosher and Gluten free pizza.

Dinner Day 1 - Indian



Saturday, Feb 22: 6 East Street, New York, NY 10003

7AM – Electronic posting of Rounds 1 and 2

7:15AM - Registration and Breakfast in 6th East 16th Street (Building will not open until 7AM)

8AM – Round 1

10:30AM – Round 2

1PM – Lunch

2PM – Round 3

4:30PM – Round 4 (depending on tournament logistics, may be lag paired off 2)

6:30PM – Dinner

7:30PM – Round 5 of Regional Championship, District Meeting after start of round.


Sunday, Feb 23rd: 63 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10003

7AM – Electronic posting of Round 6 in Regionals (and Round 5 in Districts). Breakfast in University Center at 63 5th Ave on Lower Level in STARR HALL (bottom of stairs, to left).

8AM – Round 6 of Regionals/Round 5 of Districts

11AM – 1st Elim of Regionals/Round 6 of Districts

1:30PM – Lunch & Awards in University Center Tischman Auditorium

2:30PM – 2nd Elim of Regionals/1st Run Off or Round 7 of Districts

5:30PM – 3rd Elim of Regionals/2nd Run Off or Round 8 of Districts

7:30PM – Finals if required