Anthony Behpour Invitational

2019 — Mamaroneck, NY/US


This is a round robin. You will debate ever other team. The rounds should be spread out across the two weeks of our winter break.

round one is on December 22nd, round two is on December 23rd, round three is on December 30th, and round four is on January 3rd.

It will break to finals, which will be held at debate practice following the break


All of the Judges at this tournament are mamaroneck JV. They’re all assigned to a round, and every judge only judges two rounds. Start the round when you get there, be nice with speaks, and write a lot of comments on the online ballot for the novii. Please disclose the winner



Every round is In “decide”. It’s up to the debaters and the judge in the round to pick a location. If nobody’s house works, the Larchmont public library rents out study rooms with soundproof walls, but still be respectful obviously.



Slack, Snap, or Text Jake with any questions about where to go or what to do.

my phone is 914-462-2788.