DSDA Odyssey

2020 — Wilmington- Odyssey Charter, DE/US

Welcome to Odyssey Charter for the third DSDA local tournament of the year! PLEASE NOTE: THE TOURNAMENT IS AT ODYSSEY CHARTER NOT ARCHMERE (I have repeatedly tried to remove Archmere to no avail). Registration is open until THURSDAY at 6:00 PM! No fees for this other than pizza orders. No judges available for hire.

Odyssey Charter is located at 4319 Lancaster Pike, Wilmington, DE 19805. Thanks to our host, Bruce Fox!

The schedule is:

8:00 Registration

8:30 Judge training

9:00 Round 1- all events

10:00 Round 2- all events

11:00 Round 3- all events

Noon: Pizza lunch (please order on tabroom- individual slices will be available as well)

1:00 Results

While the tournament is slated to end by 3:00, it is hoped that we will be able to adjourn early.  


Events include:

Debate:  Public Forum (PF) and Lincoln Douglas (LD). 

Original:  Extemp, Oratory, Declamation

Interp: POI (Prose and poetry alternating rounds); DIHI - dramatic/humorous; Duo

Congress: this is still an option but since no one has signed up, it will probably not happen at this tournament. If students wish to practice authorship speeches we will roll it into the Original round.

Please note, Middle school and High school is rolled into one.  We do not have enough critical mass to separate divisions but will power-pair debate after Round 1. 

Please note debate topics for January (NSDA)- we will NOT use the novice topic in LD!

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2020 January/February Topic

Resolved: States ought to eliminate their nuclear arsenals.

Public Forum Debate – 2020 January Topic Area: Latin America


Resolved: The United States should end its economic sanctions against Venezuela.

Fees have been waived for this tournament, however you must provide the required number of judges- we do not have any judges for hire.  Looking forward to seeing you shortly.