Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2020 — Northbrook and Glenview, IL/US

Dear Colleague:

Welcome to the 40th edition of The Glenbrooks Speech & Debate Tournament November 21-23, 2020. Most information about the tournament can be found on this tabroom website within this invitation, by clicking one of the tabs to the right, or by looking at the dates, deadlines, and fees information toward the bottom right of this page. The Glenbrooks is an invitational tournament. We reserve the right to refuse entry of any school to compete in the tournament or judges to cover a commitment for any reason. Entry into the tournament is not official until you receive a confirmation email that your entry has been removed from the waitlist.  

We waitlist all entries; registration on is only to put you on the waitlist. There are two things you need to do to get off the waitlist. (1) Send your entry check to us in the mail for the total fees you owe the tournament and (2) upload the school permission form to our website on official school letterhead signed by a school administrator. No teams are officially let into the tournament until we send you a confirmation email that indicates your students are in the tournament. Do not book fights or make other transportation arrangements until you are officially in the tournament. Being the first to submit your registration online does not guarantee your slot – mailing us your check and submitting your school permission form promptly does. Please note, we will only accept one check per school and one check can only cover one school.

Please direct any questions to Michael Greenstein at or Alyssa Corrigan at

We look forward to seeing you in November! 

Alyssa Corrigan, Director of Debate at Glenbrook South High School

Michael Greenstein, Director of Debate at Glenbrook North High School

Tara Tate, Assistant Coach at Glenbrook South High School