Rocket City Classic

2020 — Huntsville, AL/US

Hello coaches and competitors! If this looks familiar, it’s because I’m shamelessly stealing Nate’s notes for his novice tournament. While this is not a novice tournament, it is a teeny-tiny practice local tournament for all of us, and his format seems perfect! We will offer a quick 5 rounds in PF/LD, and 4 rounds in speech (no breaks). Below you will find some important information and rules about the tournament. Please also check out the tabs to the right for further information on Events and the Schedule.

1.         Judges:  In order to get more rounds in, we are trying to single flight the tournament. This means for debate events, we ask you provide one judge for every two debate entries. In individual events, one judge for every five entries (or fraction thereof).  We have a few judges available for hire, but we really, really need you to bring as many judges as possible. Cost per hired judge will be $40.00.  Coaches are encouraged to judge.

             Judge requirements: 1 judge for every 2 Public Forum Teams

                                               1 judge for every 2 LD entries

                                               1 judge for every 5 IE entries

All judges, including student judges, should have a account with a valid email to be able to register them.

2.         Ballots: This year, ALL ballots (including IE) will be done online. All judges should have a tabroom account so that they get access to their ballots online. This will also mean they need to bring a device to the tournament. We will provide the WiFi.

3.         Double Entries:  Students may only enter one type of debate. Students may enter up to two IE divisions. No student may compete in debate and IE.
4.         Fees:  Fees for this tournament will be $20 per participating school. We are just trying to cover any janitorial fees we incur.  Make all checks payable to Lee High School. Judges fees will be $40 per judge.

5.         Deadlines:  All entries must be received by Thursday, January 16 at 5:00pm. 

6.         Food:  Food will be available for sale from our concessions.  Please ask your students to support the snack bar.  A successful snack bar keeps the fees low.  (While we are only trying to cover our expenses, we are a little worried what those actual expenses will be!) We do have to pay to keep the facility open. Certainly, we would assume that no food from an outside source would be brought into our school. The only exception would be if you or a competitor has strict dietary restrictions.


If you should have questions regarding the tournament or information contained in this invitation, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Stephanie Hyatt

256-520-2477 or