PCFL 4 at Girls High School

2019 — Philadelphia, PA/US

When you arrive at Girls' High (1400 W. Olney Avenue--at the cross of Broad Street and Olney Ave--entrances are on Olney):

- If you are arriving by bus: DO NOT PULL INTO THE PARKING LOT. Please drop your students on Olney Ave at the gate with a bunch of stairs leading up (NOTE: There is a gate with 5-6 stairs leading to blue doors. This IS NOT the correct gate.). Students should go up those stairs and turn to the left to a set of blue doors. Enter at the blue doors. Registration will be set up there, and students can enter the auditorium to wait for announcements. Buses can park along Ogontz Avenue (crosses Olney Ave).

- If you are arriving by car or van: You can choose to do the drop off, as above, or you may pull into the parking lot, park, and walk your students around to the entrance described above. The parking lot entrance has a sign that says Widener Memorial School. Girls' High and Widener share the lot. You can park anywhere in the lot with space. It is also permitted to park along the drive that stretches down to Ogontz if there is no space left. However, this shouldn't be an issue.