Kentucky District Tournament

2020 — US

Kentucky District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
IE, Debate, and Congress

Welcome to the Kentucky District's "Non-Tournament"!  You can also read the full invitation here


Overview of the Process:

  1. Complete registration on tabroom like you normally would, including bibliographies and single entry preferences.  

  2. For EACH entry, complete the KYNSDA Non-tournament Qualification Application

  3. IN ONE EMAIL, send me all of your single entry letters of intent (SELI) and the school consent form.


Selection Criteria:  Students will receive points based on placings at tournaments. Tournaments have been divided into four levels based on size.  For example, there were 13 entries in POI at the Ryle Tournament.  This makes it a level 2 tournament for POI, meaning the top 6 places earn 2 points.  Coaches should use this information (Entries by Tournament Grid and Tournament Levels Document) to determine the best placings to maximize points, as a finalist for a small tournament may not earn as many points as reaching semifinals at a large tournament.  Bonus points will be awarded to seniors and to those who have attended a national tournament in years prior (NSDA or NCFL). Thus, the entries we qualify to nationals will have:

the highest cumulative points from three tournaments + any bonus points.

Tiebreaker #1: cumulative points from two additional tournaments

Tiebreaker #2: actual placings at tournaments

Students who do not have points from at least three tournaments are still encouraged to enter; many years students who did not have consistent success throughout the season have been able to compete at the national tournament due to the single entry rule and higher ranked qualifiers giving up their slots.  This year should be no different.  



Awards:  Students will receive qualifier awards. We can arrange to mail out or pick up awards at a later date (pick up preferred).  Sweepstakes awards for schools will not be given out this year. We will have a live awards ceremony (date TBD but hopefully April 24) to announce our qualifiers, Susan Moore/Harlen Hamm scholarship recipients, and our “Of The Year” district winners.  Results will also be emailed to coaches and posted on our website.