CarverTruman District Tournament

2020 —

Carver-Truman District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
IE, Debate, Big Questions
Republic H.S.
Republic, MO
Congress Prelims
Neosho H.S.
Neosho, MO
Fri 4/3 Fri 4/3 HOU SEN

Dear Coaches,

On Mar. 20-21, we will be having our NSDA District Tournament at Republic High School.

On Apr. 3 (prelims) and Apr. 6 (finals) we will be having our NSDA Congressional Debate District Tournament at

Entry registration shall be through  We will also run the tournament with that program since that is what NSDA is mandating us to do.  This is new and I am sure there will be some bugs we will need to work out, but if we work together, we can make it happen.

Go to:  to register your entries. Entries must be registered by or before Friday, March 13 to give us time to work with the program.

We will offer Big Questions at the tournament, but it will only occur on Saturday, March 20 and only two entries are allowed per school.  Entrants in Big Questions may not be entered in any other NSDA main events (with the exception of Congress since it occurs at a later date) when the Big Questions Debate competition starts on Saturday.  Entries must be registered before the deadline.

Keep the following in mind:  if we don’t have at least 10 competitors in Big Questions, then we will not have enough to qualify an entry to the national tournament.

Payment for the tournament must be made BEFORE the tournament starts.  Put in a purchase order now for the tournament.  We need to pay for judges, hospitality, and trophies.  

Make checks payable to:  Carver-Truman NFL, c/o Bryan Whyte, 2600 S River St, Carthage, MO 64836

Entry fees for the March District Tournament are:  $25 chapter fee, $100 judging bond, and $12 per entry.

Entry fees for the Congressional Debate District Tournament are:  $10 an entry.

Also, you must provide one judge for every six entries.  All will be paid for judging.  I have included a judge’s form with this sheet.  

On the next page, you will find reminders, the time schedule, and a judge’s sheet.  If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask.