Northern Wisconsin District Tournament

2020 — US

Northern Wisconsin District Qualifier

for the 2020 National Tournament
West Bend
Fri 2/14 Fri 5/1 LD
Google Form
Sat 4/18 Sat 4/18 HOU SEN
Google Form
Sat 4/18 Sat 4/18 DI DUO HI INF IX OO POI USX
Debate PF
James Madison Memorial High School
Madison, WI
Fri 2/14 Fri 2/14 PF

Qualifying for Congress and Speech Events

Participating students MUST BE NSDA MEMBERS ON OR BEFORE APRIL 12, 2020. 


Due to NSDA qualifying tournaments being cancelled for the rest of the season, we are using an application process to determine our district qualifiers in congress and speech events.  Before submitting an application, you must communicate with students and families, and make certain that they are fully committed to going to the national tournament in Albuquerque, June 14-19, assuming the tournament is held and travel restrictions are lifted.  


Enter your students here in tabroom, as well as fill out a form for each entry. Do not drop any of your congress entries already entered here.


Google form application will be released soon, pending NSDA approval.


Please fill out one google form application for each student or duo you wish to be considered.  If you wish a student to be considered for two events, submit two forms - one for each event - and indicate their preference.  If one of the events is Duo Interp, that must be preferenced first. If one of the events is congress, they may be considered in three events total (submit three forms). 


Each applicant will be objectively scored on these criteria: 

1. Final placement at the best four tournaments this season.  Seven points are given for first place at each tournament, six for second and so forth.  A participant who competes but does not finish in the top six gets one point for a tournament.  The student must have competed in a minimum of two tournaments in the category for which they wish to qualify.

2. Added to the total are points for the student’s grade in school: 12th grade gets four points, 11th grade three points, 10th grade two points, 9th grade 1 point.  Top two high scores are qualifiers in that event, 3rd and 4th are alternates, 

3. We will adjust for student preferences if “double entered”. We will use our professional judgement for students and schools that list extenuating circumstances.  


Tie Breakers:

1. Seniors, then juniors, etc.

2. NSDA points in this event

3. NSDA total points

4. Previous National Qualifier in this event

5. Previous National Qualifier in any event

6. Participation in national circuit tournaments

7. Other factors reported on applications


If coaches have students interested in World Schools Debate, send a list of students who are interested and the events in which they competed this season to John Rademacher.  Also make certain they are committed to going to the national tournament. You do not need to fill out the application for these students if World Schools is their primary interest.  If they are entered in something else, note that they are interested in World Schools in the extenuating circumstances question on the application.