NDT District IIIMAC Championship

2020 — edmond, OK/US

D3 Qualifier and Mid America Championship Tournaments

FEES: $50 per person in attendance. Checks made out to UMKC Debate. Online/cc Payment will be available.


2:00 Registration
3:30 PM Pairings Round 1
4:00 PM Round 1
6:30 PM Dinner
6:45 PM Pairings Round 2
7:15 PM Round 2


7:30 AM Pairings Round 3
8:00 AM Round 3
10:30 Pairings Round 4
11:00 AM Round 4
1:15 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Pairings Round 5
2:30 PM Round 5
5:00 PM Dinner
5:30 Pairings Round 6
6:00 PM Round 6


7:30 AM Pairings Round 7 (First Elim MAC)
8:00 AM Round 7
11:00 AM Pairings Round 8 (Second Elim MAC)
11:30 PM Round 8


Welcome to the 2019 NDT District 3 qualifying tournament and to Mid America Championship (MAC) The tournaments will be hosted by the University of Central Oklahoma

 There will be one qualifying division for the District III Tournament and one division for the MAC.


Fees will be $50/person in attendance.

Fees will cover Dinner Friday, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Saturday, and Breakfast, Lunch Sunday + Snacktopia throughout. 

Cash or checks are accepted. Please make checks out to: UMKC Debate Online/cc will be available.


Tab/Tournament Staff:

Jeff Jarman, Matt Moore, Matt Vega – The tab room will also generally be open to anyone interested in the goings ons.

ENTERING DISTRICTS - NDT Eligibility & Declaration 
Step 1: Letter of Good Standing

The NDT rules require that all students attending districts be in good standing (see below). Proof of good standing must be submitted by the start of the NDT Committee meeting on February 8. There are three ways in which to submit the documents proving eligibility. 

Step 2: Declaration of Intention to Enter Districts

You have to declare your specific teams for the D3 tournament by 5pm on Tuesday (Feb 11), and you declare by entering them into the qualifier division on Tabroom.com. If you plan to submit a 3rd team for the NDT second round process, they MUST be entered online, and the district ranking vote will determine which team will compete at districts and which will be treated as the “C team.” 

Dates for Pre-Rankings 
Once the district registration is completed by 5pm on Tuesday, Feb. 11, each program is requested to rank all attending teams. These rankings determine the pre-set rounds, but also determine which team will actually compete for schools submitting three teams. Thus, rankings are due by noon on Sunday, February 16.