Millard West Wildcat Debate Tournament

2019 — OMAHA, NE/US


  • The Millard West Debate Team welcomes you to the 2019

  • Millard West Wildcat in Omaha, NE!

Date & Host Site 

The tournament will take place on Saturday, December 7th, 2019 and will be hosted at Millard West High School- 5710 S. 176th Ave, Omaha, NE 68135


We offer competition in: 

  • Novice and Varsity Policy 

  • Novice and Varsity Lincoln Douglas 

  • Novice and Varsity Congressional Debate 

  • Novice and Varsity Public Forum 


Policy -- $30 Lincoln-Douglas -- $25

Public Forum -- $35 Student Congress -- $15

Online Entry 

Entries will only be accepted online via Deadline for entries is 5pm Wednesday,December 4th, 2019. Changes or drops after this date can be emailed to


We will present the following awards: 

  • Policy – Six speaker awards in each division, along with team awards for semifinal and final participants

  • Congress – An award to the presiding officer as well as awards to the top six speakers and a trophy to the champion in each house 

  • Lincoln-Douglas – Six speaker awards in each division along with awards for quarterfinalists and beyond 

  • Public Forum – Six speaker awards in each division along with awards for quarterfinalists and beyond

  • Sweepstakes – Two sweepstakes trophies for the top two finishing schools

  • Small Entry Sweepstakes- A trophy for the top finishing school that has less than 10 entries. 

Event breaks are subject to change based on entry numbers and/or judge availability.

Judge Coverage 

Judges in all events are obligated for one round beyond their teams’ elimination. 

The cost to hire a judge is as follows: 

  • Policy -- One judge per two entries (May be hired for $200) 

  • Lincoln-Douglas – One judge per two entries (May be hired for $200) 

  • Public Forum – One judge per two entries (May be hired for $200) 

  • Congressional Debate – One judge per six entries or part thereof (May be hired for $15 per uncovered slot)


Please limit your judge hire requests as there are only a limited number of these judges available. Teams traveling from out of state will have priority on hired judges. Please note that all judges provided must be qualified to judge in the event for which you're hiring them. Novice judges that are themselves students must have at least 2 years of high school debate experience and must be at least juniors in high school. Varsity judges need to be experienced judges and/or debaters and must be out of high school. 


Judges are expected to disclose in-round. We’re still early enough in the season that the novices need your expertise. If detailed oral comments are warranted, that's fine, but a completed ballot should be given to a runner prior to oral critique. 


Policy Debate 

Varsity and Novice divisions will have four prelims (powered after two) breaking to Semi-finals.


Novice policy will also follow the Nebraska case limits. Please email me if you have questions. 


In years past, we’ve had to consolidate the two policy divisions into one division. If the need presents itself again, we will do so this year as well. In that case arises, I will contact coaches to confirm that they’re ok with their novice teams entering an open field. If this collapsed division happens, we will refund entry fees for any novice policy team that declines entry in the open field regardless of drop deadlines. 


Lincoln-Douglas Debate 

We will be using the November/December topic and follow the 6-3-7-3-4-6-3 format with 4 minutes prep time. Varsity and novice divisions will have five prelims (powered after two) breaking to quarters. 


Public Forum Debate 

We will use the December topic. There will be five prelims (powered after two), and all 3-2 records will clear to elimination rounds. 



Legislation will be posted ASAP. 

Each school will be assessed a judging fee of $60 for each six students. You can alleviate this fee by bringing a judge for each six entries. This fee will be prorated. So, if you bring three students you can pay $45 or bring a judge. Your judges may only be used for ½ a day in congress, so please let me know which other event they would be willing to judge. These judges will all be finished before awards. 


Judges'/Coaches' Lounge & Concessions 

We hope judges and coaches will enjoy the amazing effort of our parents and local businesses for meals and snacks. Students will also have access to a variety of foods and beverages throughout the tournament.

Contact Info 


You may reach me via email at Please contact me with questions or concerns. 


We're looking forward to hosting your teams at Millard West on December 7th, 2019!