BHS Masters Tournament

2020 — Buffalo, WY/US

Welcome to the BHS Masters' Tournament! We are excited to see you in Buffalo in January.


We will be running the traditional patterns, D and HOPE with congress in each. Please see the schedule for specifics. There will be no doubling within the pattern. We initially allow each school to have a total of 24 entries to be split up between events however you want, with the exception of the debates, where there is a limit of 4 per school. But do know that we usually take all of the entries off of the waitlists, so please add all of your extra entries.

We will have a concessions stand open during the tournament, and you can set up a voucher for food if you would like.

We will be using the NSDA Jan/Feb LD topic and the NSDA Jan PF topic. We will not be hosting CX Debate, but Kelly Walsh is hosting this same weekend and they do have a CX division. 

We will be running the C Docket in the congress rounds. If you are from a school outside of Wyoming you will need to get legislation submitted to Allen Pino ( to get it on the set docket. The deadline for submitting legislation to Allen for this tournament is January 1.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or issues. Especially if there is something amiss with registration, since this is a new software for us and we may have set something up incorrectly that is not allowing you to register as you would like. 

Thank you for coming to our tournament, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Walter and Emily Farwell