Bennington GOLD Debate

2020 — Bennington, NE/US

THIS TOURNAMENT IS ONLY OPEN TO GOLD MEMBER SCHOOLS! If your school is not a GOLD member, but you'd like to join, please contact Sabrina Denny Bull at to inquire about doing so. 

What is GOLD?

The Greater Omaha League of Debate (GOLD) is an organization set up to run shorter, smaller tournaments for first year competitors only. There are three rounds of speech and debate competition and then an awards ceremony. Tournaments are quick, efficient and very easy to run. Providing this opportunity for novices is crucial for their development of skills, and sometimes their self-esteem and comfort with speech and debate.



Debate offers Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas, Policy, and Congress.

Speech offers Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, Poetry, Duo, Oratory, Informative, Extemp and Entertainment. THERE IS NOT IMPROMPTU, OID or POI. **Speech events are hosted and tabbed on Speechwire. **



GOLD is a very affordable way to get your novices out to tournaments.  You cannot get rounds this cheap in any other way. If you have budget concerns this is a wonderful way to address that. Also, qualified varsity members may be used as judges, so you most likely will not have judging fees. Your membership fees cover ALL entries at ALL tournaments and awards. There is no limit on how many students you enter. It is a one-time only fee.

Fees will be discussed and finalized when we meet once in the fall. But this is what I am anticipating for this year.

Speech - $60 one time fee covers all entries at all tournaments

Public Forum Debate - $25 onetime fee covers all entries at all tournaments

LD Debate  - $25 onetime fee covers all entries at all tournaments

Policy Debate - $25 onetime fee covers all entries at all tournaments

All Events - $100 fee for all events per school