Chiawana High

2019 — PASCO, WA/US

Since no one has entered in Policy, we plan to tighten up the schedule to a ONE DAY Tournament. If there are 6 or fewer teams in a debate, we will hold a round-robin tournament rather than a semis and finals. 

Extemp draw will begin 15 minutes before pattern A rounds. 

UPDATED Schedule

8am Round 1A

9am Round 1B

10am Debate 1-2, Congress 1

12pm Round 2A

1pm Round 2B

2pm Debate 3, Congress 2A

3pm Round 3a

4pm Round 3b

5pm Debate Semis, Congress 2B

6pm Finals A

7pm finals B

8pm debate Finals/Sparfest

9pm Spar Finals, awards