Bluebonnet World Schools Debate ONLINE International Tournament

2020 — Spring, TX/US


Hosted by Grand Oaks High School Spring, Texas        April 4 -May 2, 2020


Join us for the third annual Bluebonnet World Schools Debate International Tournament and the first one ONLINE!  

The Bluebonnet Tournament will be hosted by Audra Langston-Grand Oaks Debate coach and former coach of Team Kingwood, participant in the Pan-Am Championship, the EurOpen World Championship, and the National Speech and Debate Association National Tournaments. This international tournament will be an experience your team will not want to miss!




We have been emailing out a great deal of the critical information -- you can look to the right column to find copies of:

Newsletter 1 (Schedule, Motions, and Tournament Structure)
Newsletter 2( Technical Protocols to check and how the rounds will proceed - critical information for debating online)

Team Cap: Audra has already sent out the confirmation emails to those accepted by the Org.Comm  Judges and coaches can be the same individual.

Rounds:     4 Debate Rounds, quarters; semi-finals and finals.

Format:     Debates will be in English in Worlds Schools Debate Format


Round 1: Prepared: THW Not allow super rich to run for office
Round 2: Prepared: THW ban the use of facial recognition technology
Round 3: Impromptu
Round4: Impromptu

Judges:     Experienced Worlds Schools graduate debaters and trained judges per delegation.  Training will be mandatory prior to the first round.  All delegations have to be accompanied by at least one person who is over 18 and will be judging at the tournament.





Miha Andrič is international debate trainer from Slovenia. Currently he Head of Education at Slovenian national debate organisation), Chairman of the Society for the development of the Humanities and International Debate Education Association (IDEA) board member. He is also a Head of Bežigrad speech and debate program, the most successful school debate program in Europe in last 5 years. In the recent past he has been serving as a Head of Faculty or Program Director at several international debate academies (Mediterranean Schools Debate Academy Tunis, Moscow Schools Debate Academy, ESU Turkey Debate Academy). As a quest lecturer he trains students, teachers and judges at debate programs and academies all around the world, from USA and Canada to Russia, Israel, Kuwait, UK and many other European countries such as Finland, Italy and Germany.

In 2014 he was Head Coach of the Turkish national WSDC team, from 2015 he is coaching Slovenian national team. He is an experienced international WSDC judge, he served as Chief Adjudicator at many international debate tournaments (EurOpen Germany, NSDC Denmark, PSD Prague, Bluebonnet USA...) and was a member of the motion committees at several high school tournaments. (USA NSDA nationals 2018, JSMU Pakistan...). Miha is a philosopher, sociologist and devoted critic of contemporary ideologies. Beside his debate work he is heavily involved in other educational projects such as International Philosophy Olympiad, International Public Policy Forum, COMET and others. In the past he also held extra-curricular seminars on political philosophy and critical economy at the University of Ljubljana.



Bojana Skrt, USA/Slovenia a director of national Slovenian debate organisation Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga/Pro et Contra, Institute for culture of dialogue, a founder and director of Worlds Schools Debate Academy and International Debate Academy is professionally involved in debate for more than 20 years. Bojana was a successful coach of national teams competing at Worlds competitions, at both high school and university level, which kept being placed among best English Second Language teams in the world. She has been Chief Adjudicator or Convenor at more than 200 tournaments in different countries, including Worlds Schools Debate Championship and European University Championship, she has also be doing debate trainings and assisting new debate programs all over the world e.g. China, South Korea, Iraq, Qatar, Palestine, Italy. Bojana currently lives in Vermont and is involved  in USA debate circuit at high school and university level. 


REGISTRATION FEES - $100 per team





If you have any additional questions, please contact the Convenor and Debate Coach, Audra Langston, at 832-226-1245;

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