2019 — Alexandria, VA/US

Policy Debate – 2019-2020 Topic

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce Direct Commercial Sales and/or Foreign Military Sales of arms from the United States.


Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2019 November/December Topic

Resolved: The United States ought to eliminate subsidies for fossil fuels.


Public Forum Debate – 2019 November/December Topic Area: Cybersecurity

Resolved: The benefits of the United States federal government’s use of offensive cyber operations outweigh the harms.


Extemporaneous Speaking

Extemp will allow laptops with no internet connection in the extemp prep room (power is not guaranteed), and will allow the use of note cards in the round.  

 Please be sure to bring your judges.  For Speech, 1 per 5 events registered; For Debate, 1 per 3 registrants/teams.