Nueva Parli Invitational

2020 — San Mateo, CA/US



We hope your school will attend the second Nueva Parli Invitational, to be held at the Nueva Upper School in San Mateo (Bay Meadows) on Sunday, January 12.  We’ll run junior and open divisions of parliamentary debate, with at least four preliminary rounds and finals.  All of this happens at our upper school campus, 131 E. 28th Avenue, San Mateo 94403.  Do not go to the K-8 campus in Hillsborough.  That would be wrong.


ELIGIBILITY – We will accept middle school teams and/or high school teams.  A high school debater may debate with a middle school debater from her/his affiliated middle school, and vice versa.  We will accept hybrid teams if we receive written authorization from both school administrators.  Otherwise, students must attend the same school and must compete as authorized representatives of the school they attend.  Coaches may place teams in either the junior or open division using their reasonable discretion.  All teams must be accompanied by verifiably official adult chaperones.  We do not accept club teams or teams from for-profit organizations.


REGISTRATION is through  All entries will be waitlisted pending tournament approval.  We are setting an initial limit of five teams per school per division.  Our school is not large; register early! 


JUDGES – Schools owe one judge per two entries.  Very experienced high school parli debaters may judge in the junior division, with prior approval.  All judges should have accounts, and we hope that open division judges will have posted paradigms.  A limited number of hired judges may be procured (through our Procurement Office) for $120 for the day.  We expect to have some excellent guest judges.  If you know of people we should hire, please let us know.


FEES - $60 per team; $120 per hired judge; fees are frozen on January 7.


SCHEDULE --  We will open in-person registration in the WRC (aka library, 2nd floor) at 7:30 am on Sunday, January 12.  The tournament should be done by 6:30 pm.


AMENITIES – We will provide coffee and other morning refreshments for adult judges and chaperones, and a nice free lunch for everyone.


ETC. --  The topic committee will be Sam Timinsky, plus whoever else we can trick into service.  We will announce a topic area for two of our rounds a few weeks before the tournament.  Internet prep and team prep fine; no coach prep.  Judges’ decisions are not subject to appeal or protest.


Feel free to contact me with questions.  We very much look forward to hosting you!




Les Phillips

Director of Debate

Who works with Sam and Gia and Mark