Colorados Oldest Tournament

2020 — Golden, CO/US




December 3, 2019


60th Annual COLORADO’S OLDEST TOURNAMENT (formerly known as the Golden-Mullen Tournament)


Dear Coach:

You and your team are invited to the sixtieth COLORADO’S OLDEST TOURNAMENT (formerly known as the Golden-Mullen Tournament)  at Golden High School on January 3-4, 2020.  The meet will be divided into waves.


Wave “F includes JVCX,  CX, PF, LD, POI, Informative, and Congress

Wave “Lincludes FX, USX, OO, Humor, Drama, Poetry, Duo, Congress and Extemporaneous Debate

All main debate events will have 4 prelim rounds.

PF, LD, and all events with 21 or more entries will go to semi-finals.  (JVCX and CX will go straight to finals after 4 rounds; Extemp Debate will depend on the number of entries.)




Non Debate Events:  All event rounds are random scheduled. We then cut to semis for events with 21 or more competitors.




Interpretation:   The only way for students to enter multiple interpretation events during the “L” wave is to compete in the Interpretation Triple Crown.  Students must compete in all three interpretation events:  Humor, Drama, and Poetry (or else just a single interpretation event in the “L” wave). A special trophy will be awarded to the student who does the best at Interpretation of Literature during the course of the day.  When registering, please put an asterisk next to the names of students who are triple entered in the Triple Crown.




Programmed Oral Interpretation and Informative Speaking:  In order to encourage students to participate in these two events and prepare for both Regional State Qualifying and National Qualifying meets, these events will be held opposite of the other non-debate events.    Students may not use the same speech in Informative as they do in Original Oratory.



Debate Rules:  Rounds I and II are preset on the basis of geography. Other rounds are power matched.


Congress Legislation:  Legislation may be submitted for consideration through December 16, 2017.  Legislation will be posted by Tuesday, December 17.  Email legislation to



Double Entering: 


Contestants may enter only one type of main debate (CX, JVCX, LD, PF).

Doubling within waves is not allowed.   The only exception is students who are competing in the Interpretation of Literature Triple Crown – these students must enter all three interpretation events in Wave “L.

Contestants may enter events in both waves - including entering congress in one wave and another event in the other.

In the past we have had some very long delays for finals due to competitors breaking in more than one event.  To prevent these final round delays we ask that all double entered students choose one event in which to compete in the final round prior to the start of the tournament (similar to Regionals and National qualifying).  Students who are in the Triple Crown can compete in all events they break in.


Number of Entries:  You may enter up to 4 in each event.  For Congress, you may enter up to 6.  If you have additional students you wish to enter, you may request additional entries by registering alternates on 



·         For Non-Debate Events (POI, Extemp, OO, Duo, Humor, Drama, Poetry, Informative) – the fee is $10 per entry

·         For CX, LD and PF, which have 4 preliminary rounds – the fee is $18 per entry.

·         For Extemp Debate, which has 3 preliminary rounds the fee is $10 per student.

·         For Congress, the fee is $10 per entry.

·         All fees need to be paid to Golden High School, 701 24th Street, Golden, CO  80401.  Please pay by check or valid PO at the time of the tournament.  We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for setting ourselves up as a vendor in a school district’s payment system.  If you need additional accounting information, please contact our Financial Secretary, Savanah Ortiz.


LD Topic:  January/February topic

PF Topic:  January topic

JVCX Debate

·         Both Varsity and JV CX will be offered, however, we reserve the right to collapse the divisions if either division has less than 6 entries. 

·         If the events are collapsed, both events will use Varsity rules.

·         If JV CX does exist as an event:

In JVCX, no kritiks or counterplans are allowed.

In JVCX, we will employ the NFHS Novice case limits, meaning that all teams should limit themselves to the JV four case areas:  Saudi Arabia, Small Arms & Light Weapons, Drone Exports, India



·         Each school may enter up to 4 individuals, plus put kids on the waitlist

·         At the beginning of the L Wave, at the same time that Extemp Draws, the topic and schedule will be posted.  Each round will have 3 waves if necessary; 2 waves will be the normal (the debates are only 16 minutes long).

·         Students will have 30 minutes to prepare before the first wave.  Every effort will be made to mix the students so they are in different waves throughout the day.

·         Students may use computers, internet, each other, etc. to prepare.  This is how it is run at the National Tournament.

·         See the last page for more information


Pre-Registration:  We have limited rooms available and when we fill, we close registration. You may make changes to your registration until January 2nd on the website.  You will be charged for entries based on January 2nd (plus any adds).


Awards: Trophies for 1-3, special ribbons for other finalists; special ribbons for semi-finalists; superior and excellent ribbons for others





12:00-1:00       Final Registration at Golden High School

1:30                 Round 1:  CX, JV CX, PF, LD, POI, Inf,

2:00                 Congress (session until 7:00pm including a dinner break)

3:30                 Round 2:  CX, JV CX, PF, LD, POI, Inf,

5:30                 Round 3:  CX, JV CX, PF, LD, POI, Inf,



            7:00-7:30         Final Registration update at Golden High School

            8:00                 Extemp Draw; Congress (session until 12:00); XDebate Posting

            8:00                 Round 1:  Humor, Drama, Poe, OO, Duo

            8:30                 Round 1:  NX, FX speak; XDebate start

            9:30                 Extemp Draw; XDebate Posting

            9:30                 Round 2:  Humor, Drama, Poe, OO, Duo

            10:00               Round 2:  NX, FX speak; XDebate

            11:00               Extemp Draw; XDebate Posting

            11:00               Round 3:  Humor, Drama, Poe,OO/, Duo

            11:30               Round 3:  NX, FX speak; XDebate

            12:30               Round 4:  CX, JVCX, PF, LD,

            2:30                 Semi-finals of events with semi-finals; some finals of Saturday events

            4:30                 Finals of everything else

            6:30 or ASAP   Awards



Extemporaneous Debate Information from NSDA Website


Extemporaneous Debate

A one-on-one format, Extemporaneous Debate consists of two students who will argue a specified topic with limited preparation time. Students are given a minimum of thirty minutes to prepare for each debate and are notified if they are for or against the provided resolution. This quick-moving debate takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.


About Extemporaneous Debate

Extemporaneous Debate is a supplemental event at the National Speech & Debate Tournament. Students compete in a one-on-one format with limited prep time to prepare for the topic they are to debate. Students present arguments and engage in rebuttals, however, unlike other common debate events, students debate a number of topics, as opposed to a single topic for the entire tournament. Each round students are presented a unique resolution. They are given a minimum of thirty minutes to prepare for the round. The use of evidence is permitted, but not a focal point due to the limited time available to prepare a case for the round.