2020 — Messiah College, PA/US

1. This tournament is the qualifying tournament for PHSSL District 6 an PHSSL District 7.

2. All entries will be WAITLISTED ensure that a) the school has registered for the proper district and that b) the school is a current member in good standing with the state league. 

3. Each school is limited to TWO ENTRIES for each event.

4. Schools entering students in Senate are required to submit legislation. Please see the tournament invitation for more details.

5. There is NO DOUBLE ENTRY for this tournament. 

6. All schools must submit a completed SCHOOL REGISTRATION form in addition to registering on this page. The SCHOOL REGISTRATION form may be submitted via email ( or it may be turned in at registration on tournament day. It must have the signature of your school's principal.

7. All Persuasive and Informative Speeches must include a cover page such as the one included on this page. The cover page must include both the student's signature and the coach's signature. The speech (with properly signed cover page) may be submitted via email ( or in physical copy on tournament day.