National Parliamentary Debate League Tournament of Champions

2020 — Lafayette, CA/US

Teams can qualify to the NPDL Tournament of Champions in one of three ways.

They can autoqualify by meeting the first-round threshold of 35 tournament points by January 1, or the second-round threshold of 42 points by March 1.

A team that does not autoqualify may apply at large. The top four teams that apply at large (or autoqualify, and accept the bid) from each NPDL region that is a state, and the top two teams that apply at large (or autoqualify, and accept the bid) from each region in California, qualify.

Teams that do not autoqualify or receive a regional at-large bid may qualify through a wildcard at-large process.

There are no supplemental materials this year. (In past years, at large applicants have submitted sample cases and round recordings.)

The full qualification rules are found in Article XXII of the Board Manual.


Deadlines (All deadlines are at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time)

12/1/19 Connecticut regional at-large applications open

1/1/20 (Connecticut only) Regional at-large application deadline and points cutoff for regional at-large bids

2/1/20 Autoqual bid acceptances open/At-large applications open (wildcards, and all regions except CT)

3/1/20 Points cutoff for all bids except CT regional at-large

3/3/20 Deadline for teams to accept autoqual bid/Application deadline for at-large bids (except CT regional)


A detailed tournament invitation will be posted in 2020.