Little Lex

2019 — Lexington, MA/US

Hi Folks and Welcome to Little Lex 2019!

We are planning only one real change for 2019 -- we will be single-flighting both divisions of LD so that we can get in five prelims and qualify more kids for State. This will mean bringing one judge for every two students entered in either Varsity or Novice LD (high school seniors or juniors are welcome to judge in the NOVICE division of LD if they have earned at least 200 NSDA points in debate or if they have the equivalent in actual tournament experience).

Current high school students are also welcome to judge in Novice Policy and Novice PF as long as they meet the criteria outlined above. Current middle school students are also explicitly invited to compete at Little Lex, as per MSDL rules.

Fees will remain the same and we will continue to offer a variety of reasonably priced snacks during the day and items for purchase for lunch for students, and free food for ADULT coaches and judges. Student judges will again be given passes for Free Lunch in the cafeteria (please ask for the appropriate number at registration), but please remind your student judges that the judges lounge is for adults ONLY. All students with winning records at the end of the tournament will receive medals.

If time permits (and there aren't closeouts) we will have an audience final in Varsity PF prior to awards. There will also be a final in Novice PF (time and closeouts permitting) so other Novice PFers can watch a round with people at their level of experience.