Bucky at JMM

2019 — Madison, WI/US

No Bucky? No Problem.

James Madison Memorial is pleased to offer an alternative to the cancelled UW Bucky event. While we are positive the PF events will run based on initial interest, we are also offer a sign up for LD and Policy and will run the divisions if we get the entries.

Round 1 in all divisions is slated for a 9:00 start. Arrival/registration by 8:30 am please, with changes texted to Tim Scheffler at 608-628-3114 as soon as they are known. The slightly later start will give us an awards time of around 4:00.

Judge requirements are 1 for every 2 entries in PF or LD, and 1 for every 2 in CX. LD/PF may share judges if the judge is qualified to cover either division. Per the new WDCA rule, experienced 12th grade debaters may be used to cover novice entries only (a senior cannot fully cover 1 novice and 1 varsity entry, as an adult judge is required to cover the varsity entry).

Cost: None. That's right, this is about a chance to debate, not a fundraiser. Awards will be no frills (it's a bit late to get them), the judge's refreshments (adults only) will be light, and food options will not be expansive. But, JMM will pick up the cost of a light pizza and drinks lunch for all.

Special Request: with no cost for entry fees or lunch, the tournament isn't hiring extra judges. If you can bring an extra judge (or if you are training a new judge that would only be available for a later round after mentoring early) it would be an extremely valuable addition to the tournament. 

Any questions? Email Tim Scheffler at TimScheff(at)aol.com