Cache Classic

2019 — Millville, UT/US

We are collapsing all interps into one event.  We will be running national and foreign extemp as two events.

Welcome to the Cache Classic!  This fun, one-day tournament will be held on Friday, November 22nd.  The schedule will be as follows:

Registration:                     2:30-3:30                            Library


Judges Meeting                 3:00                                       Library


Congress:                            3:30-6:00                            Session #1


                                                6:30-8:30                            Session #2


All other events:              3:30-5:30                            Round #1

                                                5:30-7:30                            Round #2

                                                7:30-9:30                            Round #3



Awards                                9:45 pm (?Maybe?)        

More information in the Tournament Invitation.

See you soon!