ONW November Classic

2019 — Olathe, KS/US

Bring all the novice teams you'd like, no functional limit.

Five rounds. No hospitality, no entry fees, makeshift awards for at least top 8, celebrating all 4-1 or better.

We'll have a concession stand with a pizza meal deal.

Please enter judges (1 per 2 entries). We have quite a few extra judges for novice, so enter what you need, put in the judges you have, and we'll let in as much as we are able. Advanced judges may meet the NSDA or KSHSAA standard, and adults are also fine as well (but again, no hospitality).

It's November so NO CASELIST at this tournament.

[Update 10/28] We now have an Open division as well. Still no hospitality and you'll need to bring adult judges to cover your entry. Due to the potentially small size of the division, please be prepared for any of: debating teams from your own school; seeing judges multiple times; debating the same team more than once; and, as a last resort, being judged by your own school’s judge (or the judge representing your opponent). The idea is just to get folks an opportunity to have some one-day open debate this weekend, even if it’s not under ideal circumstances.

Expected Schedule

7:30 Registration - Commons
8:00 Novice Judge Meeting - Library
8:15 Round 1
9:45 Round 2
11:15 Round 3
1:15 Round 4
2:45 Round 5