University of Minnesota High School Invitational

2019 — Minneapolis, MN/US

September 4, 2019


The University of Minnesota Debate Team invites you and your squad to our annual high school debate tournament on Friday, October 4 and Saturday, October 5, 2018. We will host a two-day varsity competition in CX debate and back-to-back one-day competitions for rookie, novice and JV CX debate on both Friday and Saturday. The Rosemount Round Robin will be held concurrently on the West Bank.



Teams should provide one judge for every two teams. If schools are unable to cover their judging commitment, there may be a limited number of judges for hire through the tournament at a rate of $100 per day, per judge. If judges are not available, we will be forced to limit a team’s entry to that which can be covered by their judges. We would much rather have your judges than your money. Judges covering a full commitment must be available for all preliminary rounds and elimination rounds one round beyond your school’s elimination from the tournament—someone who must arrive late or leave early can only be *at best* a half-time judge.


The Varsity judge obligation will be linked to the Friday West Bank pool, but will be moved Saturday morning to be linked to the Saturday West Bank pool. SO, if you are adding judges right now it may appear that you are fine on judges for the Saturday West Bank judge pool despite the fact that you do not have judges for the Varsity division. This is incorrect, do the mental math and make sure you have enough judges for the JV/Varsity pool on West Bank Saturday. Tab Staff will also be in communication to make sure judge obligations are correct. Unfortunately there is no easy way to resolve this problem without creating other, more serious, problems in the judge pool.


We will provide an appropriate number of speaker awards in each division, based on division size, as well as awards for all elimination round participants and the top teams in each division in the one-day tourneys. Awards Friday will be team awards only, Saturday will be both team and speaker awards.



Please register on Tabroom.  Space is limited, and will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. Entries MUST be received by 1pm on Wednesday, October 2, 2017. Judges MUST be finalized by this time—our concessions contracts lock-in at this time.



When your bus departs to campus on Friday and Saturday, please call or text to indicate any entry changes (including “no changes”) – 651.307.6980. If your changes are complicated (more than 2 or 3 moves) just email or text the registration you should have to AND


Make sure you know your students' surnames!


Event Location.

Friday: All events will be on the West Bank, based out of Blegen Hall (unless entries far exceed historic levels). The best dropoff location is the traffic circle at the Humphrey Center. We will run all events out of a single tabroom on the second floor of Blegen room 235. Judge lounge will be Blegen 250 and judge training (prior to round 1 only) will be Belgen 215.

Saturday: Events will be split between the two banks—separate tabrooms, judge lounges, and concessions—this means that the judging pool will also be split.

·         JV / Varsity: West Bank, based out of Carlson. Tab will be in Carlson 1-127 and the judges' lounge will be in Carlson 1-123.

·         Rookie / Novice: East Bank, Knoll Area, based out of Folwell Hall. Drop your students off at Folwell Hall (9 Pleasant St. SE, 55455), either on Pleasant Avenue or University. Tab will be in Folwell 3, judges' lounge and training in Folwell 4, and students will be in Folwell 108, 112, and 116. 

A searchable campus map can be round here:



Parking rules, rates, and locations can be found at:



We have a fee structure that reflects the cost of running the tournament. We have operated at a (small) loss for 10 of the past 12 years, and we anticipate that we will do so again this year.

            $30/ Varsity Policy entry

            $15/ Novice & JV Policy entry (each day—costs are the same each day because they are based primarily on custodial fees)


Please make checks payable to:

University of Minnesota Debate Team

c/o David Cram Helwich,

225 Ford Hall,

University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN 55455


Friday, October 4, 2019

2-3p                  Registration, Blegen Hall, 2nd Floor

                        Students may gather in Blegen 10 (basement level)

3:30p                Round the First

                        VCX Rnd 1, RCX-Fri, NCX-Fr & JVCX-Fr Rnd 1

5:30-6:00p         Dinner


6:00-8:00p         Round the Second

                        VCX Rnd 2, RCX-Fri, NCX-Fr & JVCX-Fr Rnd 2

8:15p                    NCX & JVCX Friday Tourney Awards,

8:30p                Bus pick-up


Saturday, October 5, 2018

7-7:30a             Registration, TBA

8a                     Round the Third

                        VCX Rnd 3, Rnd 1 for RCX-Sa, NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa

10a                   Round the Fifth

                        VCX Rnd 4, Rnd 2 for RCX-Sa, NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa

11:30a-12p        Lunch

12p                   Round the Sixth

                        VCX Rnd 5, Rnd 3 for RCX-Sa, NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa

2p                    Round the Seventh

                        VCX Qtrs, Rnd 4 RCX-Sa, NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa

4:30p                Awards

                        Varsity semifinals and finals to follow                


We look forward to hosting you and your students. If you have any questions, please contact David Cram Helwich at cramhelwich <> gmail <> com or 651.307.6980.