Lennox Oral Interp Invitation

2019 — Lennox, SD/US

Welcome to the Lennox Oral Interp Invitational.  If you have any questions regarding the tournament, please feel free to e-mail me at michael.larson@k12.sd.us.

A couple of unique aspects of our little tournament:

1. We offer a single round of reader's theater before the other individual events.  This way your students that are double or triple entered with other events allows you to perform and get a judges comments and still allow the students to work on all of the other events.  It also helps the tournament run on time with a tight schedule.  Please note that if you have students that only do RT, they will have a lot of downtime during the tournament.

2. Students will receive ribbons that range from excellent to superior plus.  While these are mostly based on ratings by judges, we will also ask judges to rank them 1-6 in the round.  To get a superior plus award, a student must achieve a superior rating and a ranking of 5 or less. 

3. This is a meet designed with the "A" and "B" schools in mind.  Because we are also doing this during the middle of the week, hired judges will be at a premium.  Please try and fill your judging obligation, but if you can't, we don't want you leave anyone behind.  Talk to me if this is an issue.