The Hilltopper Classic

2019 — Milwaukee, WI/US

2019 Hilltopper Classic at Marquette Univ. HS

Saturday, Sept. 14th

3306 W. Michigan Avenue, Milwaukee WI


Varsity Policy, Novice Policy, LD, & PF. Middle School debate is welcome in the novice division. Novice means first year high school competitor. Any violation of the definition of novice will be a DQ offense. Maverick debaters can debate and win rounds. Policy debate prep time is 8 minutes.


-Policy-Arms Sales (NSDA 2019-2020 Topic)  

-LD- NSDA September/October Topic

-PF- NSDA September/October Topic

Judge Requirements:

1 judge per 1-2 VCX/NCX/LD/PF entries or any fraction thereof

1 judge may cover 1 LD & 1 PF entry—we’ll assume they can judge both unless you specify otherwise.


Registration deadline is Thursday, Sept 12th by 6 pm. Use You should be able to change names and drop people until Friday evening. Let me know if you have problems. If you have adds after the deadline, email them to me and I’ll add them if there’s still space.

Fees are locked as of Sept 12th at 6 pm, plus any fees from adding teams or missing judges. If you do not bring the required amount of judges, I reserve the right to either charge you $125 per missing judge or unregister your teams until the judges you have present are enough to cover your obligation. There will be very few, if any, extra judges available.

Tentative Schedule:

Registration/Tab Room: Library (on the 2nd floor) Registration for all events 7:40-8:15    

***Please note that if you are not at the school to register by 8:15 (VSS/NSS) or 8:45 (LD/PF) and I haven’t received a phone call from you at 608-692-4398, we will start dropping your teams in the computer.***


          8:30- Round 1

          10:30- Round 2

            12:30- 1:15- Lunch

            1:15- Round 3


            8:30- Round 1

            9:15- Round 2

            10:00- Round 3

            11:00- Round 4

            12:00-1:00- Lunch

          1:15- Round 5



Lunch will be provided for students and judges. .If students or adults have special dietary restrictions, please let me know ASAP so that accommodations can be made.

Fees:                        VCX/NCX/PF: $30 per entry      LD: $20 per entry

Make checks payable to Marquette University High School Debate

If mailing, please send to: Marquette University High School

Attn: Annabelle Arney – Director of Debate

3401 W. Wisconsin Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53208

Parking/Drop-off Info:

The school entrance is at 3406 W. Michigan Street. Enter through the glass doors on the circle drive. Entry will not be permitted at any other doors.


Buses: Drop off on Michigan Street between 33rd and 34th Streets. Buses should not enter the circle drive or parking lot adjacent to the building. Bus parking is available in the lot on the southwest corner of 34th and Michigan. (Enter parking lot on Michigan between 34th and 35th Streets.)

Cars/Vans: Drop off on Michigan Street between 33rd and 34th OR park in the faculty/staff lot (enter on 33rd between Michigan and Wisconsin). Enter the school through the glass doors on the circle drive. Entry will not be permitted at any other doors.


Thank you for your interest in our tournament, we are very excited! Please contact me with any questions you have! or 608-692-4398.


Annabelle Arney – Director of Debate