CFL CXParli Evergreen Valley

2019 — San Jose, CA/US

Location: Evergreen Valley High School

3300 Quimby Rd, San Jose, CA 95148


School Map:

Events Offered: Both Varsity and JV Divisions of Parliamentary Debate and Policy Debate

Please note the Eligibility requirement for entering students in the JV Division in our Operational Bylaws found in Article XIII, Section 2.C. on this website.



Parli Topic Area for Round 3 in both JV and Varsity Divisions: South American Politics

Policy: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce Direct Commercial Sales and/or Foreign Military Sales of arms from the United States.


Costs (per Article XI Section 3 of CFL Bylaws):

Entry Fees: $11 per student

Nuisance Fees:

Drops after drop deadline: $21 per dropped entry

Drops less than 24 hours before the tournament: $53 per entry 


Judge Requirements (per the CFL Board Manual Article XXVI)


Parliamentary: 1 judge for every 3 entries 


Policy: 1 judge for every 2 entries 





Tentative Schedule - Schedule may be adjusted, depending on the number of entries at the tournament. A finalized schedule will be posted/announced the week of the tournament. 


7:30AM - 8:15AM -- Official Chaperone Check-In and Registration (schools not checked in by 8:00AM by the legal chaperone will be dropped)

8:15- 8:30: Judging Instructions (all judges should be in the Judge Room for instructions)


Parli Prep will be held in the COUGAR HALL (please note change from Small Gym)! Please report to Cougar Hall 5-10 minutes prior to every scheduled topic announcement!


Parli Schedule (SINGLE Flighted)

8:15 - Parli Round 1 Pairings released

8:25 - Parli 1 Topic announced.

8:30 - Ballots Released

8:45 - Parli Round 1 starts

9:40 - Parli Round 2 Pairings and ballots released

9:45 - Parli 2 Topic announced

10:05 - Parli Round 2 starts

11:00am - Parli Round 3 Pairings and Ballots Released

11:10am - Parli 3 Topic announced

11:30am - Parli Round 3 starts

12:30PM- Lunch Break. Students, judges, and coaches must remain on campus.

1:20 - Parli Round 3 Pairings and ballots released

1:30 - Parli 4 topic announced.

1:50 - Parli Round 4 starts

Awards - After all Round 4 ballots have been submitted




Policy Schedule (Single Flighted)

8:30 - Round 1 Pairings and Ballots Released

8:45 - Policy Round 1 starts

10:10 - Round 2 Pairings and Ballots Released

10:25 - Policy Round 2 starts

12:40PM- Lunch Break. Students, judges, and coaches must remain on campus.

1:45 - Round 3 Pairings and Ballots Released

2:00 - Policy Round 3 starts

3:20 - Round 4 Pairings and Ballots Released


3:35 - Policy Round 4 starts

Awards for all events will occur after the last Round 4 ballots have been submitted.