ND JVNovice Scrimmage

2019 — Sherman Oaks, CA/US

Participation in this scrimmage is by invitation only. Any school that shows up that was not explicitly invited will not be able to compete. 

Important Details: 
  • Structure: This is a 1 day, 3 round scrimmage. Depending on numbers and diversity of pool, teams may debate each other again, but will at least switch sides. 
  • Judging: 3rd and 4th year varsity debaters may judge in novice and 4th year varsity debaters or experienced adult judges may judge in JV. Student judges can win prizes for best ballot writing/feedback. Please make sure to instruct any judges on appropriate mentoring behavior before arriving at the tournament. There is no hired judging available so you must bring enough judges to cover your teams. 
  • Fees/Food: No entry fees and ND provides food for lunch for free. Students will need to bring or purchase own drinks from vending machines on campus. There are water fountains for students to fill their own water bottles as well. 
  • Tabroom Registration: http://ndscrimmage.tabroom.com
    • Please register preliminary numbers for your school (just enter reasonable # of TBA slots) ASAP so I can get a general accounting for how much food I need to order for lunch and how many rooms I need to reserve. 
    • Need names for teams and judges by Thursday, Sept. 5th, at 3pm. See all dates on tabroom. 
Evidence Restrictions for Novice Policy ONLY: 
  • Students may only use evidence from the NDCA Novice packet - http://www.debatecoaches.org/2018-2019-novice-packet
  • Coaches must REPLY ALL and disclose what affirmative your teams are running by Friday, Aug. 30th, at 12noon. I will start - ND Novices will be reading the Saudi Arabia aff with one or both scenarios in the Yemen War Advantage. 
  • Due to the early nature of this scrimmage, negative off-case positions will be limited to the DA's and Topicality only, no CP or K arguments. 
8am - Registration (please confirm teams at ND by 8:15am) 
8:15am - Meeting with all students/judges in the Cafeteria 
8:30am - Pairings posted
9am - Round 1 
10:45am - Round 2 
12:30pm - Lunch provided for teams (pasta/salad) 
1:00pm - Round 3 
3:00pm - Awards (certificates to undefeated teams and top 5 speakers in each division; Student Judge awards) 
3:30pm Everyone picked up on campus :)