William Fremd Viking Invitational

2019 — Palatine, IL/US

41st Annual Debate Tournament

Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Competitors will debate the NSDA November/December LD topic and NSDA November PF topic. Please visit the following link for the specific November 2019 topics: https://www.speechanddebate.org/topics/

Our tournament has been filled to capacity for several years and we are eager to continue providing a high-quality experience for competitors and judges. Please note the following:

1) Novice, JV, and Varsity Levels. We will have separate levels for various experience levels of Debate. Novice debaters are in their first season of Debate (any division). Junior Varsity debaters are in their second season of Debate (any division). Varsity debaters are in their third or fourth season of Debate (any division). Any questions about where to place your debaters? Just ask the tournament director.

2) Tabroom.com Online/Paperless Balloting. We will once again use fremd.tabroom.com for registration and tabulation of the tournament. As with last year, we will require all judges to bring a laptop or mobile device to type out and submit ballots. If you have judges who cannot meet this expectation, please e-mail the tournament director with specific names. If you do not already have one, please set up a school account on www.tabroom.com ASAP and have your judges set up individual accounts as well.

Tournament Schedule

The tournament will have 5 rounds.

All Round Start Times are best estimates. Students and judges should not ever leave the building and should always be available in the Student and/or Judge Lounge areas.

7:00-7:45 a.m.       Registration (Media Center/Library)

7:45                       Tournament Announcements for All Debaters (Student Cafeteria)

7:45                       Judges (All) Meeting (Rm 125)

8:30                       Round One [preset]

9:30                       Round Two [preset]

11:15                     Round Three [power-matched based on 1 & 2]

12:00 p.m.             Lunch (Student Concessions, Pizza Delivery & Complimentary Judges Lounge)

1:00                       Round Four [power-matched based on 3]

2:30                       Round Five [power-matched based on 4]

4:00                       Awards Ceremony (Student Cafeteria)

We cannot run our tournament without them!

Each Public Forum entry is $20. Each Lincoln-Douglas entry is $20. Make checks payable to William Fremd High School.

Judge Quotas

One adult judge is required for every two Public Forum pairs/teams. One adult judge is required for every two Lincoln-Douglas entries. In the Novice level, students with 3 or more years of experience in a specific division will be allowed to judge in that division.

Uncovered judges will incur a fee of $200. If you are in need of judges, please contact the Tournament Director ASAP. We cannot guarantee acceptance of entries that have uncovered judge burdens.   

Judge Expectations
Current Judge Expectations can be found here and must be shared with all judges prior to the tournament. 

New judges should be trained by their head coaches before the tournament. New judges should be identified in the Judge Notes section on the registration page of Joy of Tournaments. We will do our best to pair them with an experienced judge during Round 1, but it cannot be guaranteed.


Based on entry numbers, team and speaker awards will be given to the top competitors in each division. We will once again have awesome awards.


Adult judges will be served complimentary food for lunch. Breakfast snacks will be served and plenty of hot coffee will be available all day.

For students, breakfast items, snacks, and drinks will be sold in the Student Cafeteria, but pizza lunch orders must be made in advance. This can be done during registration on fremd.tabroom.com


Friday October 25, 2019               5:00 PM     Final Entries Due. All fees will be final.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019       9:00 AM     Final Pizza Orders Due.

Friday, November 1, 2019             3:00 PM     Online changes/drops due.

Entry Caps/Waitlist

We will tentatively cap entries in each division level at 4 (e.g. max of 4 entries in Novice PF). Please register ASAP in order to get waitlist priority if your entries exceed 4 in each division level.

NOTE: Please enter specific names. No TBA entries for students or TBA judges will be accepted.
Contact Information

Martin Zacharia, Tournament Director

William Fremd High School 

1000 S. Quentin Rd, Palatine, Illinois 60067

Cell: 847-644-7202