Sage Hill World Schools Debate Round Robin for Middle Schools

2019 — Newport Beach, CA/US
Sage Hill Debate
World Schools Debate Round Robin for Middle Schools
Saturday October 26 2019

Orange County Debate League

Orange County Speech League
Sage Hill School
20402 Newport Coast Dr, Newport Coast, CA 92657
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An Introduction of World Schools Debate to Middle School Debaters
Sage Hill Debate in Newport Coast CA invites middle school debaters to learn and sample the strategic and competitive World Schools Debate format.
World Schools is a high school debate format that has some similarities to Parli with world focused topics argued on logical/contextual content, style and strategy.
It values internalized world knowledge, structured argumentation, speaking ability and strategic nimbleness.
Debates feature two teams of 3 delivering 4 speeches with oppositional points of interest interjecting throughout speeches to keep things lively.
This round robin tournament will be educational and experiential for middle school debaters.
There will be a demo round, reference sheets to guide debaters through the format, and a Sage World Schools Debate mentor assigned to each team for development and feedback through the day. 
The Chief adjudicator for the day will be former Team Canada World Schools coach Aislin Flynn. Aislin will provide guidance and tips between rounds that will up your debate game.
Three rounds, the team with the most points wins.
We hope to see you!