Heart of Texas

2019 — Dallas, TX/US

We will offer one varsity division of Congressional Debate, Public Forum, CX, and LD. We will also offer the Sophomore Hoe Down.

We are sanctioned by the NASSP.

If you have judges who can be available all day Sunday to judge all elims please contact Tim Mahoney - pacedebate@gmail.com depending on their likelihood of being preffed we will pay between $50-100 per round and will pay a minimum guarantee of $200 just for availability in both CX and LD.

We do not accept independent entries. Entries must represent their school and be accompanied by a chaperone who is an employee of the school they represent.

We will release entries from the waiting list, space permitting, when the entries are covered by judges and fees are received.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all participants on Saturday and Sunday. (Great Hall for students, Nearburg 114 for coaches and judges)

If we have less than 5 schools and 20 entries in any event on Sept. 1 that event will be cancelled so we can free up space for our more popular events. Unfortunately, PF and Congress did not "make" so those events have been cancelled and the rooms reallocated for our more popular events.

You may register 2 teams in the Sophomore Hoe Down. Based on entries as of Sept. 1 we have decided to limit each school to one entry. We will guarantee every school that enters before Sept. 1 one team. We may accept second teams if space allows. 

In CX please only enter teams you believe are nationally competitive i.e. have a reasonable chance of going 3-3 at our tournament. We will attempt to accommodate one entry from every school that registers before Sept. 1. On Sept. 2 we will begin accepting 2nd, 3rd and possibly 4th entries by application.

At this time you may register as many entries as you want in CD, PF and LD. 

Fees will lock on Sept. 15 i.e. you will be charged the entry fee for any entry dropped after that.  Double the entry fees will be charged as a drop fee after Oct. 4.

We plan to admit 80 CX teams and clear sixteen teams. We've decided that our ability to offer a humane tournament schedule is more important than clearing all 4-2s. 3 rounds on Friday, 3 rounds on Saturday, 4 elim rounds on Sunday.
We plan to admit approximately 100 LDrs, clear to doubles and single flight a doubles debate on day 2. Start with octas (like CX on Sunday)
The Sophomore Hoe Down will operate during roughly the same times but schedule TBA. If  you plan to be in elims you should plan to depart Sunday in the late afternoon/early evening.
We anticipate Congress and PF to start on Friday and conclude on Saturday