GSA Camp Tournament Session 3

2019 — Fremont, CA/US


Golden State Academy, Warm Springs Location

200 Brown Road #201, Fremont, CA



LD topic: Nuclear arsenal

PF topic: Belt road initiative 



8:30 AM Check In

9:00 AM Rd 1 Speech

10:20 AM Rd 2 Speech

11:40 AM Lunch

12:15 PM Rd 1 Debate

2:00 PM Rd 2 Debate

3:45 PM Rd 3 Debate

5:30 PM Rd 4 Debate

7:15 PM Awards 


 All students are expected to stay until the end, regardless of whether they make it to Finals or not.
While this tournament is projected to finish at 7:30, there is a HIGH likelihood that it will finish latePlease don't make plans for later that day, since we have no way of knowing when the tournament will finish exactly. All kids must stay until the end.

Please be Fremont at 6:30 PM to pick up your child - parents are encouraged to watch the Awards ceremony.