Beyond Resolved Workshop Tournament

2019 — ONLINE, NY/US


Welcome to the first annual BR Workshop Online Tournament! For more information on our project, check out

We ask that all competitors enter using the link here.

The tournament is entirely free. Our judges are all volunteers, and so is our team. That said, if you want to support our project, feel free to make a donation: 


All prelim rounds (and semis) will take place over google hangouts meetings, so all participants need to have google hangouts access and ideally should familiarize themselves with the software prior. Codes for each “room” will be posted as soon as pairings go out. 

Participants should mute themselves when not giving a speech.

The final round will be live streamed on the Beyond Resolved YouTube Channel.


All of our judges will be coaches or former / current debaters, but current debaters will be free strikes. 



We will debate the Belt and Road topic until we have a confirmed Septober PF topic.


Schedule (Prelims are flighted):

We will be offering three weekends of competition: August 17-18, August 24-25, and August 31-September 1st. You do not have to sign up for all weeks, nor do you have to sign up for the workshop to compete.

Please note, judges are welcome to sign up for as many rounds as they want, but debaters must commit to debating every round.

Times are listed in EST / PST. Pairings will go out 30 minutes prior. Flip for sides / order


12PM / 9 AM - 2PM / 11AM: Round One

3PM / 12 PM - 5PM / 2PM: Round Two

6PM/ 3 PM - 8PM /5PM: Round Three


9PM / 6PM: Breaks and speaker awards announced



12PM / 9 AM - 2PM / 11AM: Round Four

3PM / 12 PM - 5PM / 2PM: Semis

6PM/ 3 PM - 8PM /5PM: Finals




Awards (TBD) will be given to the top three speakers and the tournament finalists for each week.