2019 National Parliamentary Debate Invitational

2019 — Berkeley, CA/US

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Tournament announcements document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WN-KehfUWirrJ3uxymEM5zcqDHEHSBFxXMsXDtxFQRg/edit?usp=sharing


Important Tournament Announcements will be posted at https://www.facebook.com/ParliDebateAtBerkeley.

Please check frequently.


The National Parliamentary Debate Invitational at Berkeley

November 9 - 10, 2019

Hosted at the University of California, Berkeley, CA



The topic area for this year's National Parliamentary Debate Invitational at Berkeley, which will be used in 2 of the 5 preliminary rounds, will be:

Varsity Topic Area: Asian Monetary Policy
JV Topic Area: Cybersecurity

NPDI's topics and topic area are developed by a group primarily consisting of UC Berkeley students and alumni, as well as other individuals affiliated with high school parliamentary debate. This year's committee included Nadia Cochinwala, Amanda Miskell, Ryan Rashid, Shannon Bonet, Ben Shahar, Michael Jayasuriya, Shawn Schulz, Karthik Krishnan, Judith Teruya, Angikaar Chana, and Trevor Greenan. 


Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley cordially invites you to participate in the fall semester’s premier parliamentary debate tournament: The National Parliamentary Debate Invitational at Berkeley on November 9 and 10, at the University of California, Berkeley.

The tournament will feature an open division and a junior varsity division with each division guaranteed five preliminary rounds. All open division rounds will be adjudicated by individuals holding a background in high school and/or college parliamentary debate. Following the conclusion of each round will be a constructive oral RFD of no more than 15 minutes in length and disclosure of the victor. This tournament places a premium on providing a unique educational experience for all participants.

There will be one topic area, released on or around October 25, that will be used for two of the preliminary rounds. We will also be disclosing topic committee membership at this point. Both announcements will be released here, as well as on the Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley Facebook page listed above. 

The tournament reserves the right to collapse the open and junior varsity divisions if required by tournament logistics.

The tournament will break to up to a full or partial double-octafinals elimination round. We will break brackets based on school affiliation. The tournament reserves the right to adapt the amount or structure of elimination rounds if required by tournament logistics.

We will also be hosting a mandatory equity forum during lunch on Saturday, discussing issues of bias, micro-aggressions and harassment in the community.

Casual attire is permitted for students, although formal attire is equally welcome.

We do allow hybrid and independent entries, just ensure that all the necessary medical forms listed below are completed.

Judge Requirements: Each school will be required to provide 1 qualified judge for every two entries or fraction thereof. A single open-qualified judge can cover both an open and a JV entry.

Junior Varsity Eligibility: Debaters are considered eligible to compete in the junior varsity division if they have no more than two years of debate experience.


Open: A qualified judge is at least a high school graduate or equivalent AND a coach or former open debater. Experience in debate events outside of parliamentary debate is accepted. Any questions about what characterizes a qualified judge should be directed to calparli@gmail.com

JV: Anyone who satisfies above Open requirements, in addition to those who are at least a high school graduate or equivalent. Those who qualify as open division judges are also inherently qualified as JV judges.


ALL judges will be required to provide a paradigm by November 6 at 8PM PST, and are highly encouraged to give an oral Reason For Decision after the round.

Schools who have difficulty meeting these requirements should contact us at calparli@gmail.com. Fee breaks and exceptions will be made on a per-case basis.

Additionally, due to delays caused by ballot distribution in the past, we require that ALL JUDGES have individual Tabroom accounts set up prior to the tournament, and the tournament will be using online ballots only.

Schools will be charged $25 for every judge without an individual (non-teamwide) Tabroom account linked to their judge entry at the start of the tournament. This does not apply to teams that have hired judges from the tournament. Please email calparli@gmail.com for any questions about this.




Tournament Fees: The cost of competing in the 2019 NPDI will be $125 per entry.

Judge Fee: Schools may choose to pay a hired judge fee of $200 per uncovered entry.

Judge Penalty: If a team's judge misses a round, the team will be charged $50 for each missed round. This does not apply to teams that have hired judges from the tournament.

Fee Breaks: Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley is firmly committed to expanding accessibility of debate. If this fee is financially prohibitive, please contact us at calparli@gmail.com.

We tend to be very generous, but we cannot help you if you do not contact us first. We expect that any team receiving a fee break will cover their entries with qualified judges.


Please make your checks out to "Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley." We will be accepting checks or cash at registration on the first day of the tournament. We will have invoices ready for each school. If you require an invoice before the first day of the tournament, please contact us no later than 11/1 with the date you need the invoice sent to you. Please ensure that all entries and judges are finalized before requesting an invoice.

Any drops after 11/6 at 8PM PST will be assessed the full entry fees. The entry limit per school is 6 entries per division; if for whatever reason you feel like an exception should be made, please email calparli@gmail.com.



Required Forms for Minors:

If you are under the age of 18, two forms are required to attend.

1) ALL minors must sign and return a medical release form that authorizes the University to provide medical assistance in case of an emergency. If you are a coach and your students have filled out another form with the equivalent emergency/medical information (e.g. for the school or district), you may provide a copy of that form instead.

This form can be found at http://riskservices.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/AuthorizationConsentTreatmentMinor.pdf


2) All minors must also have their parents sign a liability waiver for the University. Please sign and return the form located at 



Teams must turn in both forms by Friday, 11/8 at 8PM PST, by sending scanned copies of the forms to calparli@gmail.com. Both forms are a non-negotiable requirement for tournament attendance; if you feel that you should be provided an exception, you must let us know before the start of the tournament.


If you need to turn in either form at the tournament, please let us know BEFORE 11/8 that you plan to do so, so that we can plan accordingly. However, for the sake of tournament efficiency, we highly encourage teams to send forms before registration.


Failure to provide necessary forms will result in the competitors being dropped from the tournament. Any and all relevant drop fees will apply.



1. Almost anything goes regarding prep materials. Printed materials, laptops, phones, and internet access are all allowed. However, only handwritten notes are allowed in round. Debaters may not utilize handwritten notes in round that were prepared prior to the round’s topic announcement. However, debaters may utilize any handwritten notes prepared prior to the round during the round’s 20 minutes of prep time. All handwritten notes written prior to a round’s topic announcement that are to be used in that round must be transposed, by hand, onto a new sheet of paper. Use of handwritten notes, in round, that were composed prior to the topic announcement of a round may lead to the forfeiture of the round. Exceptions to these requirements can be made for the purposes of accessibility accommodations; email calparli@gmail.com to notify us of any specific accommodations we should account for.

2. Debaters may only prep with their partners. There is no team prep or coach prep.

3. Speech times for all rounds will be 7-8-8-8-4-5

4. There is no protected time in any speech.

5. No new arguments may be made in the rebuttal speeches.

6. POOs are allowed in rebuttals. POOs will stop time.


Past Results:


September 8-9, 2012

Bishop O'Dowd High School, Oakland, California

Champions: Saratoga Agrawal & Chiang

Finalists: Bishop O'Dowd Accinelli & Perl


November 16-17, 2013

Bishop O'Dowd High School, Oakland, California

Champions: Dougherty Valley Konath & Wang

Finalists: Bishop O'Dowd Walsh & Zepeda


November 15-16, 2014

University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Champions: Dougherty Valley Bhargava & Ziaee

Finalists: Sonoma Academy Maciorowski & Kornfein


November 14-15, 2015

University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Champions: Evergreen Valley Abushama & Cochinwala

Finalists: Campolindo Hanvey & Moore


November 12-13, 2016

University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Champions: Sonoma Academy Kornfein & Saxena

Finalists: Evergreen Valley Zielinski & Shukla


November 11-12, 2017

University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Co-Champions: The Nueva School Keller & Poler

Co-Champions: The Nueva School Rossi & Sharma


November 10-11, 2018

University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Champions: Campolindo Bonet & Yuan

Finalists: The Nueva School Shahar & Xu


Location: All rounds will take place on the UC Berkeley campus. Specific campus locations will be provided when available. We anticipate that all or nearly all rounds this year will be held in Dwinelle Hall, Wheeler Hall, and the Valley Life Sciences Building


Parking: Parking is available in several structures near campus for a fee. Please see http://pt.berkeley.edu/parking/visitor for details. On Sunday, street meters are not enforced; so street parking is free and highly recommended.


Food: Food is available for purchase at multiple locations both on and off the UC Berkeley campus.


Lodging: There are several hotel options in Berkeley, including:

·        Hotel Durant (walking distance) 2600 Durant Avenue Berkeley, California 510-845-8981

·        The Shattuck Hotel (walking distance) 2086 Allston Way Berkeley, California 510-845-7300

·        Best Western Inn (10 min drive) 920 University Avenue Berkeley, CA 94710 510-849-1121

·        Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites (10 min. drive) 1175 University Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702 510-548-1700

·        The Double Tree Hotel at the Marina (15 min drive) 200 Marina Boulevard Berkeley, California 510-548-7920

Hotels outside Berkeley:

·        Emeryville Courtyard Mariott (15 min drive) 5555 Shellmound St, Emeryville - (510) 652-8777

·        Richmond Courtyard Mariott (20 min drive). 3150 Garrity Way Richmond, California 94806 USA. 510-262-0700





Tentative Schedule, subject to change:

Saturday, November 9

8:00 AM—9:00 AM                Registration

9:00 AM                                  Topic Announcement, Round 1, Flight 1

9:55 AM                                  Topic Announcement, Round 1, Flight 2

11:30 AM                                Topic Announcement, Round 2, Flight 1

12:25 PM                                Topic Announcement, Round 2, Flight 2

1:30 PM—3:15 PM                 Equity Forum/Lunch

3:15 PM                                  Topic Announcement, Round 3, Flight 1

4:10 PM                                  Topic Announcement, Round 3, Flight 2

6:00 PM                                  Topic Announcement, Round 4, Flight 1

6:55 PM                                  Topic Announcement, Round 4, Flight 2


Sunday, November 10

8:00 AM                                   Topic Announcement, Round 5, Flight 1

8:55 AM                                   Topic Announcement, Round 5, Flight 2

10:45 AM                                 Topic Announcement, Elim 1

12:00 PM—1:30 PM                Lunch (NPDL League Meeting will be held at this time)

1:30 PM                                   Topic Announcement, Elim 2

3:30 PM                                   Awards

4:00 PM                                   Topic Announcement, Elim 3

5:30 PM                                   Topic Announcement, Elim 4

7:00 PM                                   Topic Announcement, Elim 5