Cabot Classic

2020 — Cabot, AR/US

Cabot Classic 2020

January 24th and 25th

We are incredibly excited that you'll be attending the 2020 Cabot Classic Tournament! Please read the following information for general tournament notes and expectations! We've also included information on the tabs on the Tabroom site!

1. Registration- Registration Closes January 17th at 4pm. After this time, please send any changes to your registration to both and We do not charge add/drop/name change fees, but in order to have a successful and smooth tournament, please let us know those changes as soon as possible! 

2. Judges- We don't have requirements for judging at Cabot Classic! We want this to be an enjoyable experience for your students with the students being the focus of the event! We do request that coaches place themselves in the judging pool with the assurance we only plan to utilize judges in elimination rounds as needed. Please note the following 'suggestions' we have in regards to bringing judges to the tournament- 

1 Judge Per 10 Entries for Forensics 

1 Judge Per 2 Entries for Debate 

1 Judge Per 10 Entries for Congress 

3. Accommodations- We will have Gender Neutral Bathrooms for all competitors, judges, and coaches to utilize. They will be located in the Library of the Main Building. If you need an ADA accessible room, please let us know so we make sure you have a comfortable tournament experience. 

4. Judges Lounge- Please make sure that coaches remain in the judges lounge when they aren't in rounds. That way it's easy for us to find judges if needed or resolve situations that might happen quickly and efficiently. The judges lounge will be located in Room 2202. We've got a plethora of different cuisines and snacks for everyone to enjoy and relax between rounds. 

5. ACTAA Store- We will have the ACTAA Store at Tournament! Please let your students know so they will be able to help contribute to the 2020 ACTAA Scholarship Fund!

6. Entries- There is no limit on the number of entries that a student may enter; however please remind students that rounds WILL NOT be held after the time for the round to end. We've got a vast number of events... Be realistic with what students can handle with during a set time period. Refunds will not be granted for missed rounds. 

7. Forensics Judging Standards- We will be utilizing 1 year out and Cabot High School Team Members to judge junior high! Please mark on tabroom if your judge is a "first year out" Jennifer Akers will personally choose those students and commits to make sure those individuals are fair and unbiased! They will only be used when absolutely needed. For high school forensics, two year out judges will be used. 

8. Awards- We will have medallions for all finalists, trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners. Don't forget that all 1st place winners will receive a stuffed narwhal in forensics and a stuffed duck in debate!

We are incredibly excited to host you at the 2020 Cabot Classic Tournament! Let us know if you have any questions!


Jennifer Akers and Rachel Mauchline 

Cabot Forensics and Debate